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The dizzy heights of Autumn

October 5, 2016


BBQ season seems to be finally over but we did enjoy some late summer grilling. The freezer is now devoid of steaks, ribs and pork tenderloins and replenished with home-cooked shepherds pies and chilli. I might even get round to making the odd spaghetti Bolognese and hotpots one day. Also, in the interests of lowering workloads I have also been trying a few frozen ready meals, OK for a quick solution to “what’s for dinner?” but home-cooked is much better.

The garden is maturing nicely, all the climbers are growing like crazy and the side fence and back wall are virtually covered. The lawns are improving with regular mowing/rolling and the remaining shrubs and bushes are all doing well. I really must have a determined weed clearing session though, they seem to appear overnight and the invasive (suspected) Japanese anemone just won’t die despite frequent pasting with Round-up Gel. I now have four contorted willow trees grown from cuttings and they are about four feet high. I really want to plant at least one in the garden but I’m having trouble deciding where. They can get very large if not carefully managed.

The birds seems to have found alternative dining sources, they haven’t touched the feeders for weeks and only the large birds pay any attention to the table food and even they can only get at the edges of it. No doubt when it gets colder and there’s less natural food about they’ll all be back

Downsizing progresses slowly, disposing of stuff is taking ages for ad responses and half the time the responders never return messages. Why anyone would send a contact request asking if something is still available and then not follow-up when told it is beats me. There’s still a way to go but the garage is getting clearer and more accessible as time goes on. I shall continue this at a leisurely pace advertising stuff locally and on eBay and if it doesn’t sell the charity shop can have it.

The dizziness problem I had (BPPV) proved persistent so I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment with the doctor for the “Epley Manoeuvre”. An interesting experience to say the least and the doctor had to enlist the assistance of the nurse practitioner to ensure I didn’t fall off the table (she said!). Anyway, it involves sitting upright and then turning the head to look as far right as possible; then lay back flat maintaining the head turned. Then turn completely to the left, sit up and look down at the floor. Each step separated by 30 second intervals during which time the doctor carefully watch my eye movements to see if the “spinning” had stopped. Believe me, it’s a tad disquieting to find your doctor staring into your eyes from about 6” especially when you are staring at the floor! Good job our doctor is easy on the eyes otherwise this could have been quite unpleasant 😉 Anyway, it worked or apparently so because for the next 24 hours I experienced quite different dizziness and disorientation but that wore off and the doctor reckons it was just the strain of the manoeuvres that triggered it. So now I am dizzy free again. I did have one other little health scare but the doctor did a full examination, took blood and other samples and so far all is OK – the tests were all normal so I’m breathing properly again. Our NHS is brilliant medically; all the people we meet are first class professionals and generally really nice people; if only the bean counters were the same.

We have been blessed with visitors recently, some long-time friends have been twice and in the midst of one visit I received a phone call from some other old friends who moved to France about the same time we moved out. They were in the area and popped in for chat and a cuppa, quite a jolly time was had by all and we sorted the world out between us – hope you like the results! Junes work colleague and flat mate Joan from way back is coming to see us soon as well and staying for a few days. It is good to have company around.

The clock saga continues – the repair man visited and did some fiddling but the strike at 12:00 still only chimes five so he came back and has taken it back to the workshop for a more detailed examination. He phoned yesterday to say he had discovered the cause and was now just regulating and testing it and we should get it back early next week. I hope so, we do miss it – I find the chimes a pleasant reminder of how the day is progressing.

Anyway, we carry on regardless



David & June

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