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Last of the summer wine

September 5, 2016

This year’s efforts at growing tomatoes in the green house have been a miserable failure. The first issue was they wouldn’t ripen and then suddenly they all started to turn red and as they did so they started to split. I also had a peculiar “flat spot” on the base of a few. Research via a couple of gardening forums indicated the problems were related to watering, more specifically because they were grown in grow bags the bags can dry out quickly and don’t recover properly when watered resulting in calcium deficiencies. They need much deeper roots so it’s back to proper pots next year. The cucumbers turned out to be a very strange variety more suited to pickling so they were not any use to me either. All adds to my knowledge base!

On the other hand my rainwater pump system works very well especially as I now have it hooked to remote controlled power socket so I can turn it on and off from anywhere in the garden. When the growing season is done, I’ll drain the barrels and move them and then I can install my rainwater filter system as well.

I well recall from my youth that failing to comply with various aspects of the Road Traffic Act could land in you in all sorts of bother. So you can imagine my surprise when, on reporting a minor fender bender, the authorities were basically not interested at all. This despite the fact the other driver had a car that was clearly not roadworthy and failed to stop and exchange details. The authorities dismissed it as a “civil matter” and no further action would be taken. My insurance company seem equally uninterested in the whole thing. There are some very minor scrapes on my car which will hopefully buff out, no real damage done.

For a variety of reasons my mobility is very important right now so damaging my Achilles tendon last week was no fun. Walking was virtually impossible for most of the weekend and of course it cleared up the day I got an appointment to see the doctor. To her credit she did check it thoroughly and told me I was OK to use a pain-killing gel she had prescribed earlier for June. It works!

The hall clock developed a new fault, at 12:00 it would only strike five, then it went to four, now it’s totally on strike and doesn’t strike at all. The man is going to come and look at it this week he says. Apart from that it is keeping time perfectly, I only adjusted it once after it was serviced and its been right to the second ever since.

The quest to empty all the remaining moving boxes continues, two of them contained vinyl records and cassettes plus a selection of CDs. They had remained in the boxes as we had nowhere else to put them so I made a search on e-Bay and found a 70’s era stereo cabinet, glass front and top to house a turntable and stereo separates. A second search turned up some drawers for cassettes and CD’s. Two successful bids later and rescuing my turntable from the attic, I now have a 70’s era stereo system to go nicely with my 60s/70s era music collection. I say collection but it really is just a load of stuff acquired over the years. In a fit of madness I also bought a new DVD player as the old one only had composite video connections and no up-scaling. The new one uses HDMI and will upscale to 1080p – amazing what a difference it made to some older DVDs. It also fits nicely with the satellite decoder box and the cassette storage drawers – job done!

Speaking of entertainment, a TV channel is running all the episodes of the sitcom as per the title of this post. As this ran for something like 30 years it’ll take a while but that is what the DVR is for. We watch at least one episode a day and the memories are just fantastic. My family roots are in Yorkshire as are much of June’s, plus I spent about 15 months living just outside Bradford in the late 1980’s very close to where the series was filmed in Holmfirth – the scenery and architecture is unmistakeable. The humour is also very “Yorkshire” and constantly reminds me of various relatives from younger days. A real entertainment treat.

Now I need to empty some more boxes but first I have some items I no longer need and are cluttering up the garage that I’m trying to sell. I did manage to sell a gate-leg table but the other stuff (fireside companion set, log storage rack, filing cabinet) remain unsold on both e-Bay and Gumtree. I shall relist this week now the school holidays are over and hope for some more interest. Then we can start on the remaining 19 boxes – basically loads of ornaments, glassware, light fittings which we’ll never use again. All the result of moving from large houses with multiple rooms stacks of cupboard and shelf space into a small bungalow. It wouldn’t hurt to reorganise and slim down the kitchen stuff as well. For reasons that now escape me, we acquired 8-place settings of everything – plates, cups, saucers, glasses, cutlery etc. Right now we use two at most! We also had two kitchens at one point so utensils are fairly plentiful as well. It’ll keep me busy during the long winter evenings!

It looks as if we are in for a short spell of decent weather so I have decided to use up all the BBQ meat I froze earlier and get grilling over charcoal. I’ve tried pan frying steaks; doing ribs in the oven etc and the results are less than satisfactory and cause a lot of mess in the kitchen. All good reminders of why we cooked outside when possible. I see some tasty lunches in the near future and some good cold meat sandwiches for snacks as well. I do miss the outdoor life-style.


David & June

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  1. September 6, 2016 08:19

    Enjoy your good spell of weather! It is important to be outside when we can.

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