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Millstones & Milestones

May 29, 2016

The last week or so has seen us graced by visitors – the first being June’s flat mate from early nursing days, the second two of my friends from my teenage years. Joan stayed with us for a couple of days and entertained June plus helping me with the catering – very pleasant interlude and a welcome break. As she left the other two arrived, staying in a B&B close by. As is the way of old codgers who don’t meet up often we spent much of the next day or so putting the world to rights – I hope you notice the improvements!

Even thought the weather wasn’t cooperating I did manage to do a BBQ on the Saturday, chicken, ribs and jacket potatoes which seemed to go down well. We also paid a brief visit to the local Museum of the Broads and had a meal and a pint (or two) in the local.

Gym visits have been curtailed pro-tem as finding the time at the moment is difficult however I’m not gaining weight so keeping my fingers crossed. The extra activity working in the garden is probably helping and it is beginning to take shape now. All the overgrown bulbs have gone, daffodils & tulips are about finished and a few new bedding plants have been added. All the new climbers are going gang-busters and the plan is definitely coming together. The grass is growing like Topsy and needs cutting about every five days.

The car saga has continued and consequently my thoughts of changing it increased. I have had a couple of permanent searches going on Autotrader for the right vehicle (Lexus RX400h or Mercedes ML500) and just this week a good Lexus appeared. It has had one owner, below average mileage, full dealer service history and in the right colour and trim specification. It seemed too good to pass up so a quick call to the dealer (in Preston, Lancs) got us first refusal and then followed the wait for the pictures and the history checks. All the checks proved clear and the pictures were great, done deal. It will be delivered to us on May 31st – only the second time I have bought a car without seeing it in the flesh or driving it. However, I have owned an identical one before so I know what to expect.

Then came the inevitable task of organising insurance; a call to my existing company revealed that any changes to my policy would incur an administration fee. I challenged this believing if I am about to spend several hundred pounds extra with them they should be more accommodating to existing customers. They didn’t agree and when I asked if they actually wanted my business they said they didn’t care – at which point the conversation ended abruptly! I found another company and got a very reasonable quote from them with immediate access to a human being who spoke perfect English and seemed very interested. They provided a very competitive quote and then it occurred to me that I would have two insurance companies involved for a while with the inevitable issues of dealing with my no-claims bonus. I called them back, found a very reasonable person again and a great deal which meant they cover both cars until I sell the Hyundai and I get the NCB on both. The following call to my original insurers telling them to cancel the cover was very satisfying. What is it with these British companies who seem to think that attracting new customers is better than providing good deals for loyalty? Switching seems to be a way of life, and I hate it!

So the Hyundai went in for the final check and replacement of a couple of filters and sensors, which if it worked I’d get a better price but if it doesn’t I’ll off it anyway for whatever I can get; its time. It didn’t work 😦

One more interlude with “customer service professionals” – my cell-phone decided not to make calls and kept telling me “Not registered on the network”. I called TalkTalk support – when I finally got the message through they said they had no idea and would escalate the problem. After two days I had heard nothing so called them again and was told that they tried to contact me but my cell-phone would not accept the call! That has to be the oldest tech support joke ever. Anyway, having nothing better to do for an hour or so, I ran through all the menus on the phone and found an item “Register on network” – I did so and it has worked ever since! Why it stopped registering or did not automatically register I don’t know and I’ll bet TalkTalk doesn’t either. I have no issue with their actual product but their support is non-existent and switching would just cause too much hassle.

I reached a milestone this past week – three score years and ten! I really can’t believe I’ve reached this age. Someone told me that 70 is the new 50 so I’m going to work on that premise and ignore the numbers. The day passed quite uneventfully, quick shopping trip and some gardening and then a steak dinner cooked on the BBQ in 30 knots of wind. Life is definitely different back here in the good old UK!



David & June

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  1. gillmetcalfe permalink
    May 29, 2016 12:44

    Bless you David 😊

    Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

  2. Ann permalink
    June 1, 2016 22:35

    A belated happy birthday! I’m approaching the big 60…. But hey, it’s just a number. I happen to like even numbers so in a way it’s better than 59!

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