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Lazy days :)

May 9, 2016

It’s been fairly uneventful the past few weeks, nothing major going on just enjoying getting on with retirement. Weight loss is a bit of a failure so you can imagine my feelings when I show up for my second gym visit only to find it closed due to a collapsed ceiling. Is someone trying to tell me something? Anyway, it reopened a week or so later so I have been back for some more sessions. I’m not noticing any changes as yet but its early days so I will persevere and keep examining the diet.

The Garmin GPS saga was finally resolved when they offered a complete brand new replacement. Slightly miffed that it isn’t an exact replacement and the new one is a tad less well equipped; the most noticeable difference being the screen mount which is not powered. So now when I want to dismount it, like when I’m parked in a public place, I have to unplug it. I discovered that I could not restore my personal settings using the file I saved from the old one, when I queried this they said I had to use their on-line back-up and restore facility to achieve this. They could have told me this prior to sending the old one away!

Right out of the blue I got a call from the hospital giving me an appointment for my hernia repair in about 6 weeks time. This is a problem as I’m going to be ferrying June around for various hospital appointments over the next four months so I cannot be out of action. We solved this by taking me off the urgent list so my appointment will go back to the original estimate of November 2016.The parts for the car finally arrived so it was booked in for the work on Wednesday – initial success as the light went out and stayed out until Friday afternoon when, stuck in traffic, the engine hiccupped and the light came back on. We now have new clues as to the issue, replacing the charcoal filter did have an effect on the light but also on driveability. When the light came back on the car was more driveable but clearly burning too much fuel. There is another solenoid valve associated with this circuit so that will be replaced next – back order would you believe?

Gardening wise it turns out that planting all those rescued bulbs was not such a good idea they were mostly blue bells and white bells and the border is now totally overcrowded. I really didn’t fancy digging it all up and replanting so looked around for some assistance. First one I contacted came almost immediately to look it over, gave me a quote and is duly digging it all up as I write. I will get some more suitable bedding plants on my next trip to the farm shop.

We have also started BBQing as the weather has gone a bit dashed pleasant, Sunday we sat out with a suitable beverage and watched the birds coming & going accompanied by the fragrance of well marinated ribs slowly cooking on the grill. Finding good charcoal has been a challenge which was solved last year by discovering Weber long-lasting briquettes. Searching for them this year was difficult mainly because Weber have rebranded them so the search engine couldn’t find my old description. All sorted in the end and a new batch is on its way. I fancied making some margaritas but would you believe the necessary ingredients were not available in the local stores or on-line with Tesco. However, the internet is a wonderful tool and suitable supplies should be arriving any minute! None too soon as the weather is threatening rain tomorrow – make hay while the sun shines I say!



David & June


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  1. Ann permalink
    May 23, 2016 20:53

    Not been great weather in the North East…managed tea in the garden a couple of times. Margaritas sound just the job! Rather a fan of Singapore Sling myself!

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