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Waiting for Spring

February 29, 2016

It’s been very quiet around here for a while, not much new happening at all. This is good; I get to relax a bit and can spend more time on honing my culinary skills. Sunday roast is now nailed since I bought a new Yorkshire Pudding tray and thanks to advice from a good friend I have discovered there is more than one variety of rice – my risotto is greatly improved as a result!  I decided I need to keep an accurate food diary and then limit myself to a given number of calories per day – for the first week I set it at the low end of the recommended scale (1960) and for the second week I lowered it to 1800. Keeping a meal by meal account of calories immediately showed where the big culprits are – pub lunch, pizza and sausages so no real surprises. I found it relatively easy to adjust each meal by small amounts and apart from one day (pizza) managed to keep within my limits. The bathroom scales were less than congratulatory – a meagre 2lbs lost but I suppose it’s going in the right direction. I shall persevere and hope that June doesn’t starve in the process!

The computer recovery is nearly done, now down to sorting out the duplicates and a few “homeless” items. Because I captioned many of my photos within a year/month I now have several which start 01_xxxxx and obviously 02_xxxxxx etc etc. This is tedious work so I’ve slowed down a bit. The new phone is up and running after a couple of hiccups with the unlock codes and I’m slowly getting used to it. The fact it is several sizes bigger than my old one means I can’t keep in my pocket any more but the fact it does hook up easily to my sat-nav (for hands-free) and to my home Wi-Fi network is a bonus.

I have actually done a bit more research into the family tree; no startling revelations but it is building nicely. I need to delve into my old photo albums for images to use on some of my relatives, not having digital ones it’ll be back to the roll film days and black & white. And that is likely to make me want to digitize all the old photos taken before the digital age; I actually do have a proper scanner for this but it will take ages. What the world needs is an affordable scanner which has a hopper feed, doesn’t need to produce pin-sharp 10mega-pixel images, we’re only copying stuff taken on a Box Brownie and printed on 2” x 2” paper.

We are still investigating the mysterious engine check light on the car, all the diagnostic codes relate to things that have been fixed so it really is a puzzle. I did contemplate changing the car for something younger but so far I haven’t found anything suitable so we’ll plod on. Apart from excessive fuel consumption it runs great but I suspect the excessive fuel will eventually damage the catalytic converters – if it hasn’t already.

We have been regularly feeding the birds but there really don’t seem to be many about this year, only one feeder (with sunflower hearts) is getting emptied plus of course the starlings devouring the coconuts. The bird cam hasn’t revealed anything of note, in fact on Saturday it didn’t record anything for several hours. However, I really must find a way of keeping the pigeons off the flower borders; they are trampling all the new growth flat.

All our bulbs seem to be thriving (apart from pigeon damage) but it’s a mystery how so many snowdrops got into the lawn. As soon as they stop flowering, I’ll lift and separate them and plant them into the borders where there aren’t any. Everything else is fine so far, just some judicious pruning required on a couple of bushes and a stack of weeding. No signs of the weather co-operating for a while yet though.



David & June


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  1. Gillian Metcalfe permalink
    February 29, 2016 10:32

    Good on you David 😊

  2. Ann permalink
    March 7, 2016 19:50

    Plenty of birds here in NE England…today we had robins, bluetits, blackbirds, starlings, wrens, collared doves and wood pigeons! Costing up a fortune in nuts and seeds!

  3. March 8, 2016 07:14

    Hi Ann, I’ve seen at least one of those species but only one, last year we have many and goldfinches, greenfinches etc as well. I have prevented the doves & pigeons from eating anything but the scraps that fall.

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