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More challenges…

January 31, 2016

Computer recovery is proceeding but extremely slowly mainly due a peculiarity in the way some files were recovered. In a many cases I have two files with the same name, date etc but different sizes. Now you would think that it would be easy to just take the bigger one and save it to its new home but NO! Quite often this results in a system message saying this file already exists “do you want to replace it with this one”. If “this” one is the bigger then naturally you think to say YES but this results in one of the two being lost forever and the new one turns out not to have been a duplicate but a totally different picture. So in these cases each picture has to be examined in detail, saved to a new location and all messages about replacing ignored. Slow & tedious work especially when you consider I started with well over 9000 images to check – this morning I’m down to 1500.



If that wasn’t enough to deal with we are still chasing the increasingly elusive cause of the engine malfunction light on the car, I’m really hoping this can be resolved as I want to hang on to it a bit longer. If I have to change and sell it as is I will lose a lot.

We ran into yet another techno challenge, this time with the “new” phone. It turns out it is locked to the original network and, after a tedious run-around with the network provider, they won’t unlock it except for the original account holder. Then apparently it can take several weeks to actually get it unlocked – it is in the hands of the provider now having got my friend to start the process. This really is unacceptable, when we moved from the USA I unlocked both of our phones within 5 minutes, ATT gave me the code over the phone for one and T-Mobile sent theirs via a text message. It’s time it was illegal to lock phones, if they are scared of losing customers then just give them the best deal and service.

This led to another discussion on UK service providers (water, electric, gas, oil etc) who seem far more interested in getting new customers to switch to them than in retaining their existing ones. Goes against everything I ever learned about customer relations, loyalty used to be paramount but in these days it seems to count for almost nothing. They should look at the costs involved in getting new customers versus retaining old ones.

I’d best stop ranting on, I’m never going to fix any of this and life’s too short for such efforts.

The mild weather has resulted in a lot of early growth in our garden, the bulbs are leaping out of the ground but so are the weeds. However it’s a tad too inclement (wet and very windy) to spend much time out there tending to it. Surprisingly there didn’t seem to be any garden birds around this year until just this past week when I’ve seen a couple of blue tits, a few sparrows, a robin and blackbird and today two goldfinches. Naturally as soon as I put a new coconut out the starlings appear from nowhere as do the pigeons hoovering up the scraps below. Time to put the bird cam out and see what else is returning. I’m really hoping that this year we can enjoy the place rather than building it after four years of house moves and renovations I’m ready to relax.

Normal service is being resumed, hopefully will be done in a week or so.



David & June


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