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Technical Challenges

January 17, 2016


Christmas and New Year passed uneventfully and we over-ate, over-drank as usual. Now I’m going to have to go back to weight management seriously. Just as this decision was made we found (thanks to a very good friend) a good French Bistro in Norwich and of course had to try it on our next trip there – it was very good. It’s called Café Rouge and is part of a chain around the UK so if there is one near you check it out.

Having put all the Christmas stuff away and generally got back to some kind of normality I decided it was time to sort out my computers filing system as it had become increasingly cluttered and confusing. I was about 70% through this exercise when suddenly a process started up and began deleting stuff. It was so quick that by the time I had regained control (with the power off button) over 200,000 files had been deleted and the system would no longer boot up. Surprisingly it wouldn’t boot from the Windows CD either although I did manage to boot it up with a set of recovery utilities and also a Linux CD. The damage to the files was clearly obvious and also obvious that I needed help. I took it into the local shop and they recovered the Windows operating system and regained the basic program files. However, the deleted data files were all recovered and placed into a separate directory where it was clear we were into some work. All the data file directories were lost and the files lost their original path names. So where I have pictures neatly stored in directories by year & project I now had several thousand pictures in one directory and in many cases renamed so I couldn’t recognise them. A similar problem arose with the files for various pieces of software, one of which has over 5000 HTML files as its manuals – instead of being neatly catalogues in their original directories they are now all in one and no idea of how to restore them. My solution to this is to uninstall the program, re-install it and then use a utility to identify duplicate files – and delete the old ones. Tedious slow work and I have only just started. I have recovered my email files, most of my older documents and financial statements but I still have several thousand more files to identify and re-catalogue. Just to add to the woes, the red channel has disappeared from the screen and I have no sound output! There is/was no sign of a virus so the cause remains a mystery.

This all would be enough to handle but I also needed to update the maps on my sat-nav as it persisted in trying to take us down a permanently closed road in Norwich on our way to find the French Bistro. In their wisdom Garmin have decided to not make their latest updater work with Windows XP and their old one won’t perform an upgrade if you have skipped one as we had. No choice but to dig out June’s old laptop and upgrade it to Windows 7 – a fairly tedious exercise but ultimately successful and “Gladys” (as we refer to the sat-nav) can now find the Bistro. That took a couple of days at least.

Finally I have decided to bite the bullet and get a more modern cell-phone and friend has kindly loaned me one to play with (Samsung Galaxy). Naturally this is not a simply matter of just moving the SIM card from one phone to the other – the Blackberry uses a standard SIM card, the Samsung needs a micro SIM. Strange this as the Samsung is about 2 ½ times the size of the Blackberry. So now I had to call TalkTalk and get a micro SIM and, as I need to transfer my contacts across I needed an adapter to put the micro SIM into the Blackberry. All these bits arrived yesterday and I already have the new micro SIM in the Blackberry and working. Now to move the phone book and put the SIM in the Samsung – wish me luck.

Normal service will be resumed at a future date yet to be determined.



David & June


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  1. January 17, 2016 10:41

    Sound has been restored – it helps if the volume control on the speaker is turned up! Man, I’m getting old!

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