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It’s alright, they’ve gone!

December 13, 2015

At least one of my regular readers will recognise that title.

The car saga continued a bit longer, all the new sensors have been fitted but the engine check light came on again. Further research indicated that the culprit was almost certainly the Mass Air Flow sensor so we tried cleaning it but that didn’t work. Replacements are horribly expensive – £150 or so – but a little Googling turned up an after market supplier and their price was £27 with free postage. Sold! It was fitted this week and the light went out immediately, a good indication. I asked them to check the battery as starting had been a tad iffy recently and we definitely needed a new one; the existing one was the original from when the car was new in 2003 so I really can’t complain. It now remains to be seen if the check light will stay off after a longer run – going to Norwich on Friday.

Building construction was completed on 4th December and we have the final sign-off certificate. There was a meaningful discussion towards the end when discussing the clean-up but a strongly worded email and some photos helped the case and they spent a day power washing and generally fettling so we are now all clean and tidy outside. The coving man arrived on Thursday at 07:45 as promised and he’d finished by 9:00 am and was gone – grumpy old sod, never said a word but he did a really good job. The decorator arrived on Friday and got well stuck in – a very clean and professional worker and the results were looking good already.

The decorator was keen to get painting finished as are we so that the gloss can have enough time to harden off before the carpet goes down. He asked if he could work on Saturday and then when he had finished on Saturday and the undercoat hadn’t dried completely, he asked if he could do an hour on Sunday to get the gloss done ready for wallpapering on Monday. We agreed and he arrived at 2:45 on Sunday just as we were serving up a late Sunday roast dinner. Roast lamb and the distinctive aroma of gloss paint drying – can’t beat it!

Sunday also had its dramas in that the drain for the bathroom sink decided to block up – we suspected builders crap in the outside open gully that the sink and bath drains run into. Having no response from the builder I called a drain company and they sorted it out on Monday afternoon – it was brick and rubble with some insulation thrown in for good measure. The cost was deducted from the final builders invoice after he came for his final inspection and signed off on everything.

I needed the heating engineer to help rebalance the system and inject some more rust inhibitor and he agreed to come on Wednesday afternoon – which of course potentially clashed with the carpet fitter. As luck would have it I overslept on Wednesday and only just finished preparing the curtain track fittings when the carpet fitter arrived early. Another great job and then just as he drove away the heating guy arrived and spent about 20 minutes checking the boiler, adding some rust inhibitor and adjusting the radiator valves – all is now working fine. I spent the time between shopping and a doctor visit on Thursday putting up the curtain track and light fittings and then on Friday we moved all the furniture into the bedroom from its store in the dining room. It is quite amazing what a small 6’ extension has made to this room. Before it was a typical small 10’ x 12’ and not nearly big enough for our bedroom furniture. Now it is 16’ x 12’ and looks massive; in fact our master bedroom in Fallbrook was 15’ x 13’ but the wardrobes were in a separate area. Even so, it’s plenty big enough now! We slept in our new bedroom on Friday night – luxury; plenty of room and our own bed again. Saturday was spent in moving the rest of the furniture, closing up the temporary sofa bed and moving the desk & computer back into the spare room. By the end of Saturday we were exhausted, ordered a take-away curry and settled down to watch a movie. Sunday we are taking easy, roast chicken and just maybe we’ll get the Christmas cards done ready for posting which explains why you haven’t had one yet!

Oh, and the engine light didn’t come on  🙂

David & June

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