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Ranting and raving

October 17, 2015

Here beginneth the rant against bureaucrats.

Our experiences with the NHS have so far, medically speaking, been fine. The same can not be said for the administrative side which seems bent on self-destruction under a mountain of bureaucracy.

First, it took about 9 months to transfer our records from NHS Wales to NHS England which resulted in an important follow-up appointment that should have happened in February actually occurring in August. We have since received three identical copies of the appointment request at approximately monthly intervals and all of them after the event.

Second was when I asked for a follow-up visit to the podiatrist I was told that I had to submit an application in writing which would then be assessed as to my need for such an appointment and then I might get the appointment in about 12 weeks – for a simple follow-up! I went private.

Then I needed to find dentist as I have a tooth which has started to give me some discomfort. The local dental practice cannot see anyone for over two months and the one in the next town needs at least five weeks notice. They suggested I call the NHS hotline (111) for the name of a dentist that could do urgent care and was accepting new patients. This call took over 30 minutes as the person on the end insisted on doing a full assessment of my medical history; current medications; am I having chest pains etc and a discussion regarding access to our house if they needed to send anyone out. They finally gave me the same two dentists I had already called and neither of them is an NHS dentist! I finally got a non-NHS dentist to see me in two days and eventually found an NHS dentist prepared to take us as new patients after a recommendation from the neighbours.

And yet again our prescription renewals were messed up – they have only got this right twice in two years!

Here endeth the rant.

The new podiatrist I found is excellent and has basically cured my callous problems and walking is now much easier. I will continue to see her on about 6-week intervals and June has also been once for a check up. The trip to the dentist was uneventful; they could not find anything obviously wrong so put some varnish on the offending tooth and we’ll see what happens in a month when we get to meet our regular dentists.

The car went back in for the next sensor replacement and the ball joint from the MoT report – I got it back three days later as they had a monumental struggle with removing the old parts. Apparently a captive nut escaped and required chassis cutting to replace it and then a third sensor was discovered to be so rusty they dare not put it back. If that darn light comes on again……………………….

We cheated slightly and got our handy man to help with the lawn edging, I’m glad we did as this sort of construction work is getting to be a real challenge. However it’s done and we have now done the back filling and planting the rest of the grass seed. The greenhouse has been cleared of dying cucumber and tomato plants; all said and done this was a (qualified) success so next year we will be a little more adventurous. Just a few bulbs to plant when the weather lets up – right now we have strong NE winds and rain.

The plans are all done and contracts signed for the extension – the good news is they are starting earlier (26/10); the bad news is the original estimate did not include VAT (I missed this as I’m used to seeing all inclusive prices) which has impacted the budget a bit. We have also discovered that we won’t be able to lay the new carpet for about two weeks after they finish as the floor won’t be dry enough. Looks like camping out in the office will continue longer than we had hoped and will be getting nearer to Christmas.

The Baseball World Series is entertaining although I have to avoid seeing results as I am watching recordings. I decided to root for a CA team and so put the kibosh on their chances – sorry Dodgers. Let’s see if Chicago can knock the Mets off – a Toronto/Chicago final could be good, almost a local derby.

Interesting little episode last night – had to get up for a call of nature about 2:30am and discovered we have no water pressure. Not a disaster except our kitchen tap leaks if there is no pressure on it (parts are on the way) so I decided to turn the water off. First problem is the stop cock is jammed and won’t budge (I know, exercise the valves) so I have to turn off the tap isolaters. This involves a trip to the garage in dressing gown & slippers for screwdrivers because they don’t put handles on isolating valves here (why not?). All sorted and a phone call to Anglian Water was answered by a very pleasant sounding lady – they knew about the problem and are actively working on it. By morning all is well again but I must sort that stop cock.

Right, this week we get ready for the builders, more news later.


David & June

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  1. gill metcalfe permalink
    October 17, 2015 14:49

    Should be some good ranting material with the extension! I look forward

    • October 17, 2015 17:16

      Definitely possible but I’m hoping for the best – they seem reasonable people

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