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An anorak again ;-)

September 6, 2015

I was fortunate to find a Model Railway Club a couple of miles away and only yards from our favourite pub. I went along to one of their evenings and a jolly bunch of old enthusiasts they are too. They have permanent premises and a couple of exhibition layouts under construction as well as test tracks and essential facilities such as a kitchen and toilets.  As my outside leisure time is limited I won’t be doing any actual modelling for them just yet but I will be learning about and helping implement DCC (Digital Command Control) as only one person in the club understands it. Looks like I’m going to be a geek as well!

I’ve been doing a load of research into my chosen model area and style and part of this has been trying out various pieces of design software for track planning. The results are what you might expect from a bunch of railway enthusiasts turned programmer – overly complex, non-standard computing practice and steep learning curves. All good fun though and I’m now getting the hang of the best  of them although its mouse handling is totally non-intuitive.

The fun & games with the car continue, we have now narrowed it down to a suspect oxygen sensor in the exhaust system and the garage were having difficulty in sourcing one at a sensible price. I did my own investigation and discovered that Hyundai UK want £330 for this part, aftermarket in the UK is £175; Hyundai USA price was $61 and US aftermarket $43. I have ordered one from the US and the delivered price (inc. all duties, taxes, postage) is £94. This is a crazy situation and can only be down to excess profiteering in the UK.

The weather recently has been pretty awful, high winds, rain and quite cold, so much so that we have the central heating on. This has of course put paid to dining alfresco and any sensible gardening work so it looks as if the professionals will have a bit more to do when they start in a couple of weeks. Speaking of heating, the installation engineers contacted us and asked if they could use our house for their OFTEC inspection – we agreed of course. The inspector was the expected “jobs worth” and of course found things he wasn’t happy with – minor stuff like the condensate drain being undersized and the fact the greenhouse was too close to the oil tank. He wasn’t impressed when we told him the tank was installed first so the heating engineer was off the hook. He also wasn’t convinced that the surface drain near the tank was a soak-away despite me providing photographic evidence that a new soak-away and drain was installed when the garden was remodelled. He went away muttering to himself and leaving copious amounts of bumf to be completed and returned with evidence the corrections had been made.

The design & planning engineer has been to measure up for our proposed extension and has presented his plans and design specs. There are a couple of minor queries but this looks good and barring any disasters we will be going ahead with it later this year. That will provide the final sorting out of wardrobes etc so we can free up other cupboards for all the other stuff we haven’t (or won’t) get rid of.

This weekend marks our first anniversary in this bungalow and I think we have achieved quite a lot. Not as much as I had hoped but I reckon another six months will see it all done to the point of relaxation And then I get down to some serious railway stuff 🙂



David & June


For the uninitiated the term anorak is British slang – see

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  1. Gillian Metcalfe permalink
    September 7, 2015 06:23

    Choo choo! Commander DCC. Glad to hear enthusiastic description new hobby. Good use of your talents and source of real working friendships. Go anorak😉

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