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It’s all go!

May 24, 2015

The battle of the birds continues, the wire mesh and the ‘cage’ for the suet feeder are a success in deterring the crows and allow the smaller birds to feed. However the starlings have discovered the suet-filled coconut and are using it to feed their newly fledged young. At some points we have seen anything up to four adults feeding about four young at the same time all perched on our feeding station – the noise is incredible. They can finish a coconut a day so that is going to have to slow down.

Speaking of the coconuts, the crows discovered how to pull the coconut up to the feeder and stand on the string – I put a stop to this by wiring the bottom of the coconut down to the pole. It’s all go! The trail camera proved invaluable during all of this as it allowed me to see the evidence of how the crows etc were acting and fashion the deterrents accordingly.

The office/spare room is finished and I bought a flat-pack desk for it as I need the workspace. Assembling it was tedious but straightforward helped by clear and concise instructions and carefully labelled parts. We set the room up, made up the bed and awaited our first visitor. The handyman/decorator also put a new partition and door onto the back porch and we now have a very small utility room with the dryer in it. This has freed up space in the kitchen/breakfast area and I suspect that will be one on the next projects.

Our garden is looking distinctly overgrown, there are far too many plants in it but as we don’t know what they are until they flower it is difficult to manage. There are some specimens definitely destined for the bin and as we gradually clear the spaces we can plant more suitable ones to our tastes and also plan the various growing seasons. It will be a help when I get the greenhouse finished.

The greenhouse is also supplied in kit form and has proved something of a challenge to assemble. There are clearly errors in the instructions, not helped by missing parts and a customer service department that takes two days to respond to messages. However, those difficulties paled into insignificance once I got the main frames together. I had a choice of glazing the whole thing and then sliding it into place or bolting it down and then glazing. After a bit of experimenting I bolted it down and started glazing – major challenge. I simply could not get to some of the panels to fix the clips so I was left with a choice of unbolting it all and moving it or removing a four-foot fence panel. I decided to remove the fence panel and make it into a removable panel for the future – good decision, I can now get to all sides fairly easily and will probably finish it this coming week.

Our friend Joan arrived for a short visit which was very pleasant and the opportunity was taken for June & Joan to go on a shopping trip, leaving me to struggle with the greenhouse – at least I could vent my anger in private! We also took a trip on a short Broads cruise and saw quite a lot of wildlife including Great Crested Grebes, Herons and a Marsh Harrier.

Now it’s Sunday and the roast beef is in the oven, sherry is poured and all is right with the world  🙂



David & June

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  1. jo Anne permalink
    May 25, 2015 14:52

    Looks as if you have settled in nicely and getting things finished. Maybe you could find someone to donate the unwanted plants to? I love being given plants. Have a wonderful summer! Jo

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