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Feeding the masses :)

May 2, 2015

The first three days of the next week were spent in replanting our saved plants and digging over the beds to put them in. The beds were completely overcrowded, many plants growing through others; this took a while to sort out. June did most of the planting, I spent time in reseeding parts of the lawn where the contractors had compacted it and also digging the tough bits June found. At the end of this we were both well knackered so we took a couple of days off. We managed to BBQ lunch one day, set out some patio furniture and generally enjoy the garden.

The bird table was modified with plastic spikes and these definitely keep the pigeons off and I have seen a blackbird on the table so clearly the smaller birds can get in to feed. There was a mystery the first day after the spikes were fitted, two suet balls and a large handful of seed disappeared and no clues as what took it all. A motion detecting camera is on its way!

Our handyman decorator arrived on Friday to erect the back door and partition – this means the dryer can go in there and free up space in the kitchen. I spent the day emptying the office so he can start decorating next week and I have moved the computer into the living room. This little missive is being typed on a wireless keyboard and using the TV as the screen. It works but is not without some challenges. The screen is about 7 feet away and even though it’s a 32” I needed to alter my desktop settings so I can read it! I just might try to make this permanent to really free up the spare room but finding filing space etc is difficult. I really would like to avoid having an “office” but seem to need a desk etc.

The trail spy camera arrived and was duly set up to record 10 second videos when triggered, the following morning revealed the truth – crows were getting between the spikes. The spikes are 2 ½” apart and I would not have thought there was room for a crow but the evidence was irrefutable. I shall have to rethink this and find a crow deterrent. The crows were even swinging on the suet ball feeder and the hanging coconut! I’m now going to work on the trail camera as it takes good quality pictures so we may be able to capture some more interesting examples of wildlife.


The cure for the crows appears to be galvanised pvc coated mesh – we’ll start with 2” squares on the bird table and make a cage from two hanging baskets for the suet feeder. This is way cheaper than buying the guards from the RSPB so we’ll see how it works out. We have been getting quite a variety of smaller birds including robins, sparrows, goldfinches, greenfinches, chaffinches, blue tits plus the starlings, blackbirds, pigeons, crows and doves. All great entertainment.

We seemed to spend the next couple of days in non-urgent medical visits, just follow-ups and medication reviews but they took up an inordinate amount of time. I have decided I need to sort my (increasing) weight out and have sought the help of the local health trainer. The main meeting was very interesting, I’d kept a detailed food diary for a month and had a bunch of blood tests done – these were fine and I didn’t get much in the way of negative comment on the food diary. We spent the time in discussing ways & means of avoiding too much processed food and getting more exercise. The food part might seem obvious but I’ve never, until the past year or so, been responsible for meal planning, shopping and cooking so it’s all news to me. Preparing say, spaghetti bolognese or chilli in batches and freezing them never occurred to me but it makes all sorts of sense. We could get home cooked meals whenever we want without hours of preparation before eating.

The decorator arrived to work on the office room and a really great job he is making of it. The woodwork in this house definitely needs help, previous owners appear not to have heard of sandpaper or caulking. He had to take the carpet edges up to get to the skirting boards which were only painted down to carpet level and they had copious quantities of fibre embedded in the paint! He almost finished on the Thursday evening but got a panic phone call from a previous customer so we let him go; he’ll come back on Sunday to finish up and tidy round.

The mesh arrived for the bird table and has been fitted, camera trap set ready to record the results. I also cooked a chilli and that will be Saturday night’s dinner so I’ll have the opportunity to check the recipe before making a large batch for freezing. This could be fun.


David & June

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  1. jo Anne permalink
    May 2, 2015 17:55

    Hi – you seem to have come into yourself with cooking detail. Brian has always (35 years) been our very good cook and I only made ‘non heated’ meals – salads, etc. I have, in the last month, cooked 2 meals – same theme with a small variation. Let’s see some wildlife/bird video on your blog. Enjoy the reads. Hope you are both well x

    • May 2, 2015 18:08

      Hi Jo,
      I’ll post some pics soon, currently they are all “identification” type shots but I’m getting into it now. Take care

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