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Here we go again!

March 6, 2015

We started getting nuisance calls from TalkTalk, at least that’s what they appeared to be. I finally contacted them and after several calls and transfers we determined the calls were hoaxes and to get rid of them we needed to automatically reject calls from blocked numbers. However, this appeared to arbitrarily block any calls from a private number (such as most of the NHS) with a ‘busy’ signal and this is not exactly desirable. Quite by chance I had to call our next door neighbours and received a recorded message stating “the person you are calling does not accept calls from blocked numbers” – a service TalkTalk had told us was not available. As the neighbours are on TalkTalk I called the tech support people again and asked what was the problem. I was told that they do provide this message as part of the free ACR despite both previous calls and their website telling us it wasn’t available. Anyway, now we have it so if you call us you must unblock your number (by dialling 1470 first) before you can get through. In addition to this we now have a notice on our door saying “no cold callers or junk mail”; apparently this works in the UK as it did in France. Seems fine so far 🙂

Further kitchen reorganisation and unpacking of the final kitchen boxes is well underway, there are now just 23 boxes of assorted stuff in the garage to be dealt with. I also took a load of old electrical stuff to the recycling centre (calculators etc and our old 110v toaster oven) so progress is being made,

I carried on fitting shelves etc to the garden shed and moving all the stuff out of the garage, slowly the garage is becoming more manageable. Well, at least it was until the workers showed up! Now, after they delivered all their tools and other stuff I can’t get through the garage or into the shed. We did take the last opportunity to rescue more plants but now we are stuck for at least a week. As well as all their tools and cement in the garage, we have a skip on the front lawn, several bags of sand and gravel and a load of ballast tipped into the drive. Our neighbours must wonder what is going on.

The electrician has provided his estimates and will be working with the garden guys to get the electrics into the shed & greenhouse as well as getting all the other little jobs done that we need. He starts next Wednesday and dropped off the cable and warning tape for the trench today.

The first problem encountered when digging commenced was locating the soak-away drains for rainwater; having dug down over four feet they decided it was a waste of time so they are going to build a new soak-away for the extended patio. They also discovered another rain soak-away is blocked so that will need sorting as well. Let’s hope we don’t have any significant rain until these are done.

The gardener repotted a couple of plants growing outside our back door so they wouldn’t get damaged by the digger that is arriving any time soon. The climbing plants I ordered on-line arrived and have been unpacked and prepped for planting out. My cuttings from a curly willow tree have taken and grown some nice roots so they got potted up at the same time; when did I become a gardener?

Life in the UK seems to be ruled by the Health & Safety wallahs; before the gardeners left on Thursday night they totally surrounded the holes & trenches in the back garden with orange fencing and safety notices. This area is inaccessible except through the house or via a Yale locked side door. Talk about overkill!

Phase_2 002

Phase_2 004







Phase_2 006




David & June

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