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The trouble with stuff

January 24, 2015

The old year ended and the new began with cold weather and some early frosts. It wasn’t until the 2nd that the garden guys came & finished the shed and on the same day (of course) the loft fitters arrived to put 10 sq metres of flooring and a new ladder into the attic. As they were working on a ladder in our hallway, access to anywhere was restricted. June spent the morning doing kitchen stuff and I finished off the old year accounting and started measuring for some additional fencing to screen off the oil-tank etc. The loft is a roaring success; we have plenty of storage space, easy access and a working light. Almost the first things stashed away were the Christmas decorations, all neatly repacked and catalogued.

We have also started to move stuff into the shed from the garage and even after just a few bits were moved we can now see the wood for the trees. The next job will be to create some tool holders and shelves and organise things a bit better. We have also started on a garden plan as we are not too keen on the current overcrowded and divided look. First we’ll need to catalogue what is in the garden which should prove interesting as I have no clue as to which plants are what – it is possible we will seek professional help! I did find an Encyclopaedia of Plants and Flowers on eBay for £3.50 so that will be a start.

I had a short visit to the Doctor to discuss the results from the tests they did in December – all negative and nothing to worry about. In fact they had booked me for a follow-up visit in three years but decided that wasn’t necessary so it was cancelled! Now just the regular aches & pains to deal with.

Part of our kitchen included a 300mm wide 1950mm high cupboard with a few shelves. Just getting stuff into this narrow space was a challenge, finding stuff later a real headache. So I bought a DIY pull-out larder unit from Screwfix which involved much complex assembly and other causes of four-letter words. For starters, the frame mounting holes didn’t line up so out to the (freezing) garage and some remedial drilling. Then when that was all assembled I tried to remove the shelves – only two of them were not loose but fitted with captive bolts into the carcase. Only way to remove them was to cut a 3” section out of the middle of each shelf and then pry the rest away from the dowels and bolts (bless the multi-tool!). Next up, fit the frame & runners, but wait, it’s too tall!!!  Back to the garage, strip it all down, cut off ½” and redrill all the holes. Now it fits but getting it secured was hard with only 300mm width to play with. Mounting the door I found the instructions were just plain wrong and had I followed them the door would have been offset 2” to the right. Fortunately I have done this sort of thing before so all measurements are double checked before any drilling or cutting. Finally it all fits and works and it only took June 20 minutes to fill it and then demand I buy two more shelf baskets!

One of the biggest issues in downsizing is having to decide on what to keep in respect of documents from the past. I just found my school year books, GCE results, Circuit of Ireland Service Car directions and timings and a host of other stuff. I could scan them and kept the digital copies but then I’d lose the originals – I hate these decisions. I also found a bag filled with every single exhibition badge and/or pass issued to me from the 1970’s until 2010 – big nostalgia trip but pretty meaningless to anyone else so they bit the dust. I did keep all my Acucorp cloisonné pins and badges though.

Part of the stuff which hasn’t seen the light of day for years is a BBC standard file folder which was my fathers – it contains the original typed copy of Roger Wilmut’s book “A Goongraphy” – a detailed history of the BBC Radio Goon Show. I found Roger Wilmuts’ website and some links to other BBC related sites. I emailed Mr Wilmut and got a nice reply in which he remembered sending some copies around (including one to Prince Charles!) but I also found several references to my father on the related sites. For my family and those friends who might be interested – (Trevor Hill and Rita Jaye) and there are some other links as well. I also got a nice email from Rita Jaye with some anecdotes from their days at 200 Oxford St.

We are now waiting for the quotes to complete the garden paths and fences and then we can proceed with the rest of the plan.

David & June

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