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Cold turkey!

December 13, 2014

The trip to Layham was slow but enjoyable and we spent a pleasant couple of days just hanging out with friends, visiting the local pub and chatting about stuff in general. My visit to the Edgware Youth Club Reunion was also very enjoyable – I got to meet up with friends and others I hadn’t seen since my teens and one very special person in particular. It did look a bit like a “Crumblies Convention” which was only to be expected after all these years – the name badges were a great help! Edgware however, is not a place I have any desire to see again, its not the place I grew up. It has become overcrowded, dirty, congested and with hardly any real High Street shops – just fast food joints, nail & beauty salons etc. The cinema where I spent many a happy Saturday morning (ABC Minors) has gone, even the large pub/hotel is closed and boarded up. Sad really – I spent many an evening there with my grandfather who was a regular for years.

We returned home on the Monday and soon got stuck in again. I finished the work on the office closet, new piece of carpet and a gripper strip added and the new floor guide measured and fitted. The gun safe was remounted, doors hung and all works great. We also unpacked all our photo albums and boxes of slides etc and stored them away safely on the newly reinforced shelf.

We do still celebrate Thanksgiving so I had ordered a 10lb turkey from the butchers plus some lean veal to make one of the stuffings. When I went to collect this on the Wednesday I was somewhat surprised by the size of the turkey (5.75 kg which is over 12 ½ lbs), the price at £5.25 per lb (!) and the fact they had failed to order the veal. I then spent about 40 minutes on the phone calling every butcher in range and finally located some veal in North Walsham. By a coincidence this butchers was about 500 yards from the gun shop so I decided to collect the shot gun as well. It is now safely ensconced in my gun safe and I’m researching local shooting opportunities.

The rest of Wednesday passed pleasantly enough, making our favourite sausage meat and the special veal & chestnut stuffings. Thursday was also pleasant and relaxing, cooking the whole dinner and then sitting down to enjoy it. We retired to the living room suitably replete. Now all we had to do was eat the rest of the bird, but we enjoy cold turkey dinners, sandwiches etc. It took exactly a week!

Next we started on the clothes reorganisation and managed to clear one portable rail completely and move the contents to the spare room closet and I bagged up my summer clothes to store in the attic. At this point I took a hard look at the office room and decided it needed sorting. As usual, the spaghetti junction behind the desk needed completely redoing; I moved the filing cabinet into the corner, fitted the last phone outlet properly and then set all the computer stuff up again. The two bedside cabinets, doing sterling duty as office filing, were moved and suddenly we have a room!

I was reading back through the blog for the last three years checking some timings and started to wonder why I hadn’t done this before 2011 – then I realised that I had! For much of the time in California I wrote a newsletter to share with family and friends back in England. It occurred to me that I still have all those letters & emails and I could go back and construct a history from 1991 onwards. Now where to find the time and who would read it? I think I would be better off writing one (at least) of the books I have in my head on my pet subjects. Time will tell and also if I have the necessary skills and determination to really write.

More clothes sorting followed, the other portable rail cleared and put away and now the dining room is almost clear and presentable for Christmas. We set to on Wednesday and made the Christmas cake – bit later than we normally do but we’ve been busy. I also found enough time to fit one of the new trickle vents to the kitchen window. This was more difficult than I thought mainly due to flat batteries in the power drill and trying to find suitable drill bits. In the midst of all this activity we also sold the two small armchairs we’ve had for years and now have nowhere to use or display.

The last box in the house was found to contain our collection of vinyl LP’s, some office bits & pieces and the photograph & slide copying machine. I really need to sit down and get on with this task – the shelf in the office closet is just about full of photo albums, slides etc. We almost never look at these so converting them to DVD and just filing the negatives seems a given – just very time-consuming. The LP’s are something else – I do have a good quality turntable but currently nowhere to put it so it can be used. This downsizing is beginning to get old and decisions are getting harder, which is ironic because we do need another piece of furniture in the dining room and probably in the kitchen as well. Multiple searches on eBay & Gumtree are underway.

Christmas is arriving rapidly and there is much to do – I ordered the turkey etc and had a long discussion with the butcher about sizes. He will do what he can but reckons that anything less than 5kg will be all bone & no meat – we’ll see what he can find. We are of course late with the Christmas cards but hopefully that will be done before the weekend and then we can start playing with the tree & decorations.

I had my first close encounter with the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital when my doctor decided they needed some pictures of my insides. Not a big drama but an evening appointment meant we were a little late. I did cause a small giggle when I suggested a sign for the waiting room “Apologies for the delays but we will get to you in the end!” Now it appears there will be a follow-up appointment for a more thorough examination – can’t wait.

I have found a small, private clay pigeon shoot which meets on Sunday mornings between October & March so I plan on paying a visit this coming week to see what is happening. This will interfere with the usual Sunday morning preparing the roast dinner but I’m sure we will cope. We shall see as the weather looks good this weekend – cold but clear.


David & June

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  1. jo Anne permalink
    December 13, 2014 11:46

    HI – good to hear about your new life in England and that you are getting all sorted out. That was on expensive turkey! but I am sure extremely tasty. Enjoy your Christmas and have a Happy New Year! We are off to Portugal/Spain on Dec 19th for 2 or 3 months.
    All the very best for 2015!
    cheers – Jo x

  2. December 13, 2014 12:02

    Hi Jo,

    Have a great trip and a relaxing Christmas & New Year

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