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Fork ‘andles!

November 1, 2014

The new heating system is great, finally warm and comfortable in all rooms and a proper towel rail and airing cupboard. I spent a couple of days acquiring paint, wood, screws etc to make the shelves in the airing cupboard. Buying the paint and wood on-line saved tons of effort and petrol but for some reason the website of the inaptly named “Screwfix” couldn’t find the screws I wanted. Britain went metric on such things after we left for the colonies so all I know is that screws are measured in number size (diameter), length (in inches) and type (i.e. countersunk). None of these variables worked even when converted to metric sizes, the search engine found 462 different screws none of which I recognised. So I paid a visit to our local hardware store in the high street; “Box of 1 ½”, 8’s, steel CSK” please – no worries, this hardware store is old school and doesn’t even sell those new-fangled energy saving light bulbs! Fork handles please 🙂

I also went a little crazy and treated myself to a Bosch multi-tool and very glad I did – it works really well and is very versatile. It made short work of cutting up the wood, sanding and trimming the cupboard trim; I can see some more accessories for this coming my way.

Our decorator Andy arrived on Wednesday to start on the living room and he spent much of that day in preparations and generally making good on the previous bodge merchants handiwork with plasterboard. By the time he had finished we decided that uncovering all the furniture wasn’t worth the effort so we went out for an Indian meal and then to the pub for a pint or two. Andy arrived on Thursday to finish the wallpapering and I started on filling and priming the airing cupboard. After Andy left we repositioned the furniture, re-connected all the TV and stereo and gave the room a good clean up. The second curtain rod went up very easily and June just had to adjust the curtain widths to fit. Finally we put the display cabinet in its chosen location and then unpacked all the ornaments. A mild challenge here; I had specifically asked the movers to keep any documents with the relevant items however they put them all together in one envelope so now I have to figure out which document applies to which item (again) – and they are all in Chinese or Japanese!

I finished painting the airing cupboard and started on cutting the shelf slats to size – tedious but strangely enjoyable. I haven’t really done any wood butchery for many years and I freely admit my accuracy in measuring and cutting was not 100% – but it worked. Then we emptied the other hall cupboard and filled and painted that as well. The previous owner was very proud of her handiwork in painting but she had never heard of sandpaper, filler or caulking so I had quite a bit of remedial stuff to do. Next up is the closet in the spare room and then we can start to organise our clothes more efficiently.

It was time to renew some prescriptions and there was a minor hiccup with one of June’s – they needed more blood tests and an asthma test before renewing. All very efficient though and quickly sorted, but they still haven’t got our records from NHS Wales so getting a sensible discussion with our doctor is on hold.

Friday was an exceptional day weather-wise and we decided not to waste it – we had a very pleasant lunch by the riverside in Coltishall but we just missed the last train of the season on the Bure Valley railway. That pleasure will have to wait until next year when the weather improves again.


David & June

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