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Hev yew got a loight boyee?

September 19, 2014

And other gems of Norfolkese!

The completion on the 5th went easily and we got the keys at just on 12:00 and at the same time the removal men called and said they were on the way. We met at the bungalow and they started unloading – they had two large Luton vans and they had got the loading sequence right. The heavy garage items went in first followed by all the boxes we had packed – I told them the numbering system so the majority went in the garage and the rest and the stuff the original movers packed into the house.

We were not planning on staying in the bungalow on the Friday night so it was simply a matter of getting the items into the right rooms and some minimal unpacking. The movers had vacated our big storage unit and put all the dining room stuff into the smaller unit – this meant we can start on decorating the dining room quickly. They came with two more van loads on Saturday and we arrived with all our suitcases and food supplies. By lunchtime they were done and we were able to get the bedroom and kitchen ready for occupation. Ha! – We have moved from a house with 14 double door closets via a house with one large closet and a load of boxes to a bungalow with two sets of wardrobes to this bungalow which has one small wardrobe cupboard. There is a similar crisis of storage in the kitchen as well and numerous boxes are still in storage. However, we managed somehow and spent the first night in our new home.

We suspected the heating system would be a challenge and we were not disappointed. It uses night storage heaters, a system we have had in the past but with back up secondary heating; here we have just the storage heaters. To use them effectively requires the services of an expert meteorologist as they heat up overnight and if the next day is 20+ degrees we open all the windows and sweat a lot. By evening the heaters have cooled off and so has the weather – the system needs changing. We have contacted a heating engineer for quotes on oil-fired radiators and we have a decorator lined up for the dining room, he starts on the 22nd. We also have requested some more kitchen units from the guy that fitted the originals and we have an electrician on the way for some upgrades to lighting and power circuits.

The bathroom is excellent; great shower and hot water in abundance but of course no storage space. This was easily rectified by some on-line shopping for a bathroom cabinet and a medicine cabinet. The bathroom cabinet arrived but on opening the box turned out to be something entirely different – quickly sorted by the store though and we will get the replacement on Monday. The medicine cabinet arrived and is now hanging on the wall and full of useful essentials like plasters and ointments for all those minor injuries incurred by moving.

Our spare room was jam-packed with boxes but we managed to put all our immediate use clothing on the wheeled rails we bought in France, unpacked all the wardrobe boxes and their contents went into the wardrobe cupboard and a simple rail added to the hall cupboard took the rest. All the spare bed linen etc went into the attic so now we can at least get into the spare room. A tad more of this and I’ll be able to set up the proper computer and my filing cabinet – right now we spell filing with a ‘p’.

The sheer volume of materials has meant two trips to the tip – one about 20 minutes away as the local one won’t take cardboard. But the rest of the rubbish disposal seems good as we have two large wheelie bins and a third (for garden rubbish) on the way. Next up is a garden shed so we can start to clear the garage a bit. The garden actually doesn’t need any work right now other than grass cutting and that takes all of 10 minutes.

We have registered with the local GP practice and have had our first appointments which were a bit of a let down as the records from NHS Wales have not arrived and the Dr. didn’t want to re-invent the wheel (her words). She did order blood tests and do some basic data recording. I got a follow-up call following the results to slightly increase one prescription – nothing drastic. First impressions are they are better organized here and a little more relaxed and less bureaucratic – time will tell.

The car passed it’s MoT with no problems but I do need to replace a couple of suspension bushes which are on their last legs – that’s booked for October 6th. Very impressed with the speed of the DVLA in changing our drivers licenses – four days from applying on-line!

We have been out and about a couple of times, most recently to a local pub close to the river and lo & behold, moored up alongside was an identical boat to the one my parents hired in the 1950’s for a weeks holiday (“Star of Light” – we had “Flame of Light” for my family members if they recall). The pub was great but why do they serve such huge portions? I really don’t need four ladles each of peas, carrots, beans and mashed potatoes for a simple bangers and mash and ended up wasting well over half of it.

I think we’ll try and slow down a bit this weekend!


David & June

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  1. jo Anne permalink
    September 26, 2014 21:03

    Happy to hear you are in your new house and all is well. Moving is such FUN! We recently had USA friends visit us and they always split a lunch as there was always too much food – you may want to try that. In Spain (near the Fr. boder) the 4 of us had 2 plats du jour – one entree, one main and one dessert – perfect! Enjoy your new home! x

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