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Final preparations – we hope!

August 2, 2014

Who would have thought that three weeks later we are STILL waiting to exchange contracts and fix the completion date. Numerous phone calls to the agent and solicitors have had no effect except to deepen the mysteries and gradually reveal more details of the delays. Would you believe that just yesterday we learned that the third party in the chain has yet to obtain their mortgage – despite the fact that three weeks ago we were told everybody had completed all the formalities and had agreed to the timetable we requested.

The upshot of this is that in two weeks we will have to leave this house and we have no guarantee that we can move into the new one. We have started to look for a short-term rental as a back-up but that is going to increase our moving costs dramatically. Every cloud has a silver lining; we have decided that if we are forced to use a rental we can use the time to carry out some decorating and other upgrades as soon as we get the keys to the new bungalow and before we actually move in. We shall see if this plan is a) needed b) possible.

Anyway apart from all that, we have been doing some of our own packing and boxing; sorting out what is needed first and just making sure the move will go smoothly. We have learned a few things in the last few moves 🙂 The other task is to consume as much of the freezer and fridge contents as possible and I just discovered we have 10 sausages and a whole rack of ribs in the freezer. However the weather is not conducive to BBQing and we have already moved all the outdoor furniture into the garage. Our diet for the next two weeks promises to be different!

More news as it develops




David & June

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