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The wait is over :)

July 12, 2014

The past two weeks have been a seemingly endless, frustrating series of phone calls to the selling agents, our letting agents, our movers and solicitors. The big problem appeared to be that everyone else in the chain started legal work late and none of the solicitors were willing to give a commitment as to completion date Also, the vendor refused to vacate the property until their purchase is completed.

We in turn were squeezed between our current lease and our movers’ availability. We were aiming for the first week in August but without a firm completion date this was impossible. The movers were not available the following week but our lease runs out on August 12th. We were getting nowhere until I asked the letting agent if we could get an extension – just one week would do. Frustratingly it took two days to get hold of the landlord but midday Friday got us our extension. We immediately reserved the movers for the 18th and then issued an ultimatum to the selling agent and the solicitors that final completion is set for 15th August and is non-negotiable. Surprisingly they all agreed so we should be on the way in five weeks time. Sixteen weeks since we made the offer – this is really ridiculous, there has to be a better way.

Of course, nothing is plain sailing and we then found out that our friend Joan has visitors for the second and third week of August and cannot put us up for the night of the 18th. Ah well, another B&B night to be booked as well as a couple of nights in Stalham for the moving in.

Otherwise we are progressing well if a little slowly. June has had a final CT scan and all is OK; I had a small scare with some severe pain but after an investigation at the hospital which found nothing and a course of pain killers, the problem has not recurred.

Apart from that, we have just been relaxing but now we need to start a final review of our packing and possible further downsizing, the new place is a bit smaller than even this one.



David & June



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  1. July 12, 2014 19:25

    good luck with your next move 🙂

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