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And still we wait…………………..

June 29, 2014

Recovery progresses slowly and, having deliberately bought myself a Kindle just before the operation, I have read a few books in the past couple of weeks.:

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd –      Agatha Christie

Foundation                                         Isaac Asimov

Foundation and Empire                   Isaac Asimov

Second Foundation                          Isaac Asimov

Foundations Edge                            Isaac Asimov

2001                                                   Arthur C Clarke

2010                                                   Arthur C Clarke

2061                                                   Arthur C Clarke

Fall of Moondust                                Arthur C Clarke

Methuselah’s Children                      Robert Heinlein

The Lost Symbol                               Dan Brown

Deception Point                                Dan Brown

Icon                                                     Frederick Forsyth

Cobra                                                 Frederick Forsyth

Five Little Pigs                                  Agatha Christie

As you can tell I am still somewhat immobile, just driving down to the village shops is a challenge but it is slowly getting better. It meant that I had to miss a get together in London of my old work colleagues, a great shame. I must make the next one. June is recovering well from the recent treatment and has just been given the all clear from one Oncologist – we see another next week

The weather has been great recently, lots of cooking outside and relaxing in the sun but then being Great Britain, that had to change and we have resorted to cooking indoors again. However this Sunday promises no rain so a rack of ribs is being prepared with jacket potatoes and salad, quite like old times. Just as well we were outside, the TV seems to be devoted to World Cup and Wimbledon and they have cancelled all the regular daytime programs we liked (Flog it! Pointless etc). The combination of immobility and nothing to do is really getting old.

I had some more issues with Barclays over transferring over £10000 in one day but we got over it, but with no help from Barclays at all – four calls to the so called help centre resulted in complete misinformation and time wasting. After the last one I complained via their website and got a £50 apology. However to transfer the final payment for the house I have to go to a Barclays branch, present photo ID and fill in a bunch of paperwork. This is nonsense, I can (and have) transferred hundreds of thousands between the US, France and the UK with no problem, online and in less than a minute – transferring out of Barclays is subject to the £10000 limit.

Our house move appears stalled, there is no definite news on a completion date and this is making scheduling the movers an impossibility. We are now under a deadline as our landlord has decided she wants the house back – we were not too worried about this as the deadline is in the middle of August but now it looks as if we will be lucky to meet it. Another fruitless conversation with the agent and solicitors followed but they just don’t understand the position – all I get is they have told everyone of the deadlines and that we can exchange contracts and complete on the same day. The bit they don’t get is that scheduling everything (movers etc) needs about four to six weeks notice. Ah well, we can but wait.



David & June



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