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June 7, 2014


The BBQ party went well apart from the ribs which cooked far too quickly and consequently were a little tough. The charcoal available around here is basically rubbish and burns far too hot & quick, OK for a couple of burgers or steaks but not for serious slow grilling. I have since discovered (via various forums) that this is a common complaint amongst ex-pat Americans in the UK bemoaning the lack of Kingsford briquettes etc. We cooked some more ribs the next day by putting them in the oven for two hours at 200F then finishing them off on the BBQ – that worked J

June has had her final two radiotherapy visits and has no more appointments until July for follow-ups – this is a huge relief and the side effects appear to be limited to a little “sunburn” and feeling tired.

The saga with the solicitors has continued – they sent us all the necessary documents to sign but also mentioned that the vendors’ solicitors had still not sent everything they need and this is pushing our exchange of contracts dangerously close to our notice period.

That was the start of a series of crazy issues on the part of various organisations. First up was the house insurance – our existing company refused to issue any form of written confirmation of insurance until we give them the date for exchange of contracts. The solicitors need the quotation for preparing the exchange so the quote has to come first – no use, so xxxxx insurance company lost a customer. It didn’t stop there, the new company we contacted agreed to send the confirmation and quote via email and a while later (after the docs had been posted back to the solicitors) the email arrived – via ‘secure’ email. In order to open this I had to download a Java app, reboot my computer and try again. Oh no, not so fast, now it has to remove older versions of Java and reboot again. Then when trying to open the document for the third time I needed to download a Cisco secure envelope product and reboot again. I eventually got the email open and it contained “Dear Sir, We can confirm we can supply your insurance needs for you new property”. Why on earth does that need to be secure?

The moving companies are not exactly covering themselves with glory either, the first one sent a one-line, single figure quote with no details of packing, timing etc and with both addresses mis-spelled. The second one has not sent any quote despite reminders of two emails and five phone calls, the third one is 50% higher than anyone else. I just know this is going to get more challenging especially with scheduling.

Then I received a refund from Royal Mail for an eBay delivery that had arrived damaged beyond repair and for which I had to give the buyer a full refund. However the Royal Mail refund was not for the full amount, when challenged they said this was because they only refund the item cost and the insurance cost but not the postage – because they did actually deliver it!!!

Finally, I went to pick up our prescriptions; we have several for which they supply two months worth at a time and two which have to be collected monthly. So far, since October 2013, they have never got it right so last month we spent some time at the pharmacy making sure they fully understood which ones needed filling when. This visit was to collect the two monthly ones, but I was given the full two months supply of all of them, including one we cancelled several weeks ago. The pharmacist was very apologetic, showed me what they had ordered and it appears the GP practice had just done what they wanted. These excess drugs cannot be returned as they have been individually labelled for us so they have to be destroyed. Little wonder the NHS is short of money.

All was settling down nicely until I got a phone call – was I doing anything on Thursday? It was the Neath/Port Talbot Hospital Resort & Spa and they had booked me in for my hernia repair. Our good friend Joan volunteered to drive me there and back and look after June should I need to stay in overnight.

This led to a quick review of any tasks that would require me to do any heavy work for the next two to three weeks. Some small reorganising of the clothes in the wardrobes and chests of drawers was really all that was needed for packing. However I did need to clean the oven which meant crouching on the kitchen floor and removing the door to get to its internals. I’m glad that’s done; it was painful enough before the operation.

Thursday dawned bright and early and we set off at 06:30, checked in and got prepped, surgery at 11:00. Afterwards, apparently all went well and now I have to deal with the pain and lack of mobility. I decided to let them keep me in for the night, good decision as it meant I had no worries should anything untoward occur and Joan was looking after June. Recovery is painful, simple things like getting out of bed take ages and I can’t sit in my armchair as it is too low. This is going to take some time, hopefully the mobility wil return quickly and I have shed-loads of pain-killers

Still no news of the house move



David & June

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  1. June 7, 2014 19:22

    Oh my GOODNESS! First I hope you are slowly recovering and being careful. I love the name …Resort and Spa! Good on June’s treatments. Do you think the moving companies playing games? Moving companies in general are a breed apart but these sound worst than most. I am sure you remember how insurance companies would fall all over themselves to be of service to you in the USA! Of what are they afraid? They sound worse than French companies. May your move be on schedule and and easy one. Take care of each other Jo

    • June 7, 2014 20:16

      Hi Jo, All ok so far -we have managed to get our original movers involved again so fingers crossed we can get the dates. More news later 🙂

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