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May 23, 2014


June’s radiotherapy appears to be going well, so far no ill side-effects just the tedium of a daily trip to the hospital. This is only slightly relieved by the presence of a group of old boys who sit in the corner area with the TV and children’s toys and put the world to rights – every day, they are there for hours!

We continued with the downsizing and have donated a load of glass ornaments etc to the charity shop which we really didn’t want or need. Anything else that we can’t decide on is now re-packed into smaller, easily managed boxes and catalogued. We are almost finished with this, two more large boxes, a smaller box full of pictures and the small storage boxes (nut screws washers & bolts) in the workbench should see us ready to move. That took a couple of days and then we took a final load to the charity shop, repacked the last of the big boxes and took the surplus cardboard to the tip. That job is now done!

As the weather had turned nice we decided to cure our BBQ withdrawal symptoms and unpack it all. Part of this called for a re-examination of the patio table and chairs that I had patched up in France. This time I really was in two minds whether to repair it properly or ditch it, it is well over 40 years old. Being a glutton for punishment the decision was made to repair it and fortunately I was able to borrow a power saw and a belt sander from a fellow member of the quiz team. It didn’t take long to fashion four new arm rests and sand the lot down but it ate sanding belts at an alarming rate – easily replaced by an on-line store via eBay. I had kept some wood stain and varnish from the French redecoration, three or four coats and it all looks great – it’ll probably last a good few years more yet!

Out came the BBQ and we enjoyed some really good dinners, steaks, chicken and lamb leg steaks. Now we are planning a small party for Sunday even though the weather has cooled off a bit. We have ordered the ribs, bought the marinade for the chicken and stocked up on baking potatoes. Finding good dips and chips wasn’t easy but Tesco came to the rescue and getting it all delivered just makes shopping easier. We have even bought salad! I was going to get a bottle of Tequila and margarita mix but fortunately I remembered in time the margarita glasses are packed away. That will have to wait until after we move.

After much chasing, the estate agent in Norfolk finally issued the sale instructions and got the solicitors involved – three weeks after our offer was accepted and we had signed the conveyancing instruction forms! We had repeatedly told the agent that we wanted an early exchange of contracts but they took no notice and as a result our preferred movers are now solidly booked up well into July. There is no excuse for this delay but it’s done so now we are looking for alternate moving quotes. In the intervening period we have obtained a buyers survey and a special electricity report – the house is totally electric. All came out fine, no real concerns but these reports are very superficial and over 50% of the pages are spent on ‘get-outs’ and lists of things they don’t cover. They are expensive as well and on top of that we have to pay for ‘local searches’ via the solicitors which covers a multitude of issues like local planning grants, proposals, flood prone areas etc. Speaking of flooding the new place is just 25 feet above sea level and less than a mile from the river which is tidal. However, Norfolk is very flat and has never flooded even in the worst of winters (1953 and 2013); there are no hills for rain to run down off so it would take a tidal surge or tsunami of biblical proportions to cause us any problems. Let’s hope the insurance company agrees.

All the documents from the solicitors arrived, were signed and sent back the same day. Man this house buying is expensive and the removal quotes are pretty heavy too. We have also learned our notice period on this bungalow has to be timed to coincide with the agreement monthly anniversary. So the pressure is on the solicitors to ensure we have the completion date agreed before the next anniversary otherwise we’ll be paying rent for an extra month.


David & June

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  1. May 24, 2014 08:44

    Life sure can be complicated. Your estate agent was unprofessional, that is unforgivable. However, you are on you way to home ownership again and moving in the good weather. Good for June – no ill effects, phew! Have a great summer! Jo

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