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Here we go again!

April 12, 2014

There has been a lot less to write about recently as we have been busy tidying up lots of loose ends. For a start we are making real progress on the downsizing and it is finally possible to see the wood for the trees in the garage. A load of stuff such as cutlery, handbags etc has gone on eBay which all adds to the kitty and a whole lot more has gone to the charity shop. Part of sorting out the garage has been disposal of some furniture items that we know we will never use again, all went on Gumtree and were duly sold.

Then we set about sorting out the kitchen trying to make it more useable and working out just how much duplication and surplus stuff we had. Again the charity shop got a load but we haven’t finished this job yet – we really don’t need six sets of drinking glasses or twenty Pyrex plates!

Our friend Joan left on a three week trip to Australia with her sister, a plan that had been in the making for a long while – can’t wait to hear all the stories when she gets back.

The number of medical visits is dropping significantly thank heavens, June’s recovery is going really well and her next follow-up appointments are in July and August; apart from the radiotherapy which is a three week course starting in May. I finally got my assessment with the specialist and he confirmed that I have both a hernia and diverticular disease. The hernia will need surgery and I am on the waiting list which is apparently about 6 months long so it will be well over a year since initial (but incomplete) diagnosis in France. The diverticular disease is only relieved by high fibre diet (PAARRRRRPP!!!) but is not serious. The two combined do restrict my mobility a bit but now we both know where we are we have decided to bite the bullet and get out a bit more.

We are planning a short trip to meet up with friends and do some house-hunting and exploring. We really do want to own our own property again, mainly so we have control over maintenance, decoration etc but also we will be saving money. The choices of where to go are gradually reducing; the first part of the trip will be to North Buckinghamshire/Bedfordshire so we can explore villages around the middle of the country. The second area on this trip is Norfolk, around the villages of the northern end of the Norfolk Broads. We have our wish lists of things we want and we are making some check lists and house specification lists to shorten the process.

We are normally pretty decisive when house hunting only taking a few days to decide on what we want – even buying our California house during a five-day holiday visit before we moved to the USA. We never regretted any of those moves our instincts proved correct on all of them. However, buying in France was different and very difficult, not helped by the ludicrous french agents’ secrecy and we pressured ourselves into the one we actually bought as the search was dragging into months. This time we are determined to get it right as we do not want to move again so we’ll be spending a lot of time in research prior to any trips and targeting our efforts.

It is interesting to look at various properties on-line and we are discovering some trends which are going to take some getting used to. For starters, fitted furniture such as wardrobes and kitchen cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling, they stop about 2” short leaving a dust & spider trap. Kitchens are seemingly built with all cupboards and no drawers or pull-outs and the ovens are typically 3” off the floor. This makes the base units and the ovens very difficult to use and clean – especially as we get older and less agile. No doubt we will figure all this out in due course and how we can adapt to it or adapt it.

Anyway, another week of downsizing, sorting and planning and we’ll be off!



David & June

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  1. April 14, 2014 19:39

    Thank goodness for the Internet. I know that buying in France is a nightmare and such a closed affair. We have always taken a long time to find a property so you have been fortunate – except for Fr. Good luck with your search – will be see you on one of those real estate buying shows??? Happy also to hear June is recovering well. All the best, Jo

  2. April 14, 2014 20:03

    Thanks Jo, Not planning on being onTV 😉

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