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The beep is gone!

March 22, 2014

It’s been a trying couple of weeks or so but we have overcome the trials and are now looking forward to some new adventures. First off, the car went in for its new alternator which I had decided on rather than risk trying the rebuild as I cannot afford to have the car off the road; Joan kindly gave me a lift there and back while the work was being done. All was good until I arrived home, no alarm system and the noise is back! On the following day I went back to the repair place by which time the alarm is working fine and the noise has disappeared – EPD! (Engineer Proximity Detector – all cars and computers have them). So to investigate the noise I took it to the dealer again, they determined that the belt was probably damaged and slipping as a result of all the other issues so a new belt was ordered and the car booked in for the following week for the fitting.

My eBay activities are going well; I’ve sold all the French stuff and bought a couple of small items so my feedback rating is rising nicely. I have a claim into the Post Office for the damaged shipment and the buyer is being very patient; Post Office says it can take 90 days!

Next up was getting the running boards fitted and this turned into a bit of a fiasco, the garage had a car stuck on the ramp they needed and could not move it without getting some alarm codes – this took well over a week but they finally got them and our running boards are now done – they look good and June can get in and out easier.



June had another visit to the clinic, everything is good and they gave her some more exercises to do and a follow-up visit in a month. She also had to have a CT scan prior to the next consultant visit next week. She is doing really well and putting this behind her as best she can. I continue to practice my culinary skills and am quite enjoying some of it, including Sunday roast dinners but I can’t wait for summer when I can do some real man-type cooking 🙂

The weather is picking up and we have been getting outside a bit. The sun lounge is great and we have actually been able to sit in there in the afternoons. For some reason I cannot fathom, these British conservatories have their sunshades on the inside which might cut out some glare but does nothing for the heat. The result is like being in a greenhouse; they should take a hint from the warmer European countries and put the shading on the outside.

Downsizing continues unabated, we have now sold all the gardening tools we don’t want, sorted the rest of them and I’ve even sold my US voltage bench grinder – the guy who bought it lives in Glasgow but was visiting his parents about three miles away so he collected it – sorted!  June has unpacked and sorted all her handbags, now we start listing the unwanted ones on eBay – it’s all pin money but it helps. I even got a successful bid on my US power saw, just waiting for the payment to arrive so I can ship it.

The final outstanding car issues have been sorted, two new tyres and the alignment checked – they had to do this twice as the steering wheel was off-centre – and finally I got the rear parking sensors sorted. This might sound simple but the tyres took three visits way across town and the sensors took over 5 hours elapsed time during which I sat in a freezing reception room. It was one of those jobs that requires a bit more stripping down, revealing another issue which requires a bit more stripping down ……. The final straw was the clocks had stopped working but a replacement fuse fixed that – are we done now?

June had her follow-up visit with the oncologist and all appears well; there was a long discussion on treatment going forward but she has decided to “watch & wait” – another CT scan in three months time to review and that is about it for now. Her recovery is great, doing more and more each day so hopefully we can put this behind us for good.

This week marked our six-month anniversary of arriving back in the UK and we are now looking ahead and thinking about moving again, hopefully for the last time, and are investigating various areas, house prices etc. We really can’t decide exactly what we want or where we want it yet; whether to buy or to continue renting and how to actually make the move. Internet house-hunting isn’t really effective but it does help narrow down the options. There will be a lot of discussion about what is important and what isn’t and we’ll probably take a few short trips to check places out. We have even changed our TV satellite box post code so we no longer get the Welsh channels, we can watch the local news in various parts of the country when we want.

Finished the week with a bit of shopping and a good pub lunch!

Onward & Upward

David & June

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