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Spring sales are on!

March 1, 2014

The weekend was spent in preparing advertisements for the next load of selling, this time it will be all the petrol powered garden tools. I never intend to own a property again that will be large enough to need them so they are going. It’s amazing how time consuming this is, collecting specifications, photos, and composing the adverts. I’m also repacking and advertising the French electrical bits & pieces we acquired in France but don’t seem to be able to generate any interest in them despite advertising on eBay (France and UK) and Gumtree.

Next up was Junes’ regular clinic visit for check-up, all is going well and according to plan and the care providers are truly excellent. It is a shame this level of care & efficiency is not reflected in the rest of the Health System. Her next appointment was to see the asthma clinic, a referral that is five months old and it was worthless. The nurse knew nothing of her recent history and didn’t even listen to her chest and breathing.

I paid another visit to the car main dealer as the noises from the belt area were getting worse; they diagnosed a faulty alternator but the cost of a new one is over £350.00! They recommended a car electrical place but when I phoned them they can’t find a replacement but have agreed to try to repair the existing one – it goes in on Monday 3rd. The dealer kindly reprogrammed the alarm remotes for free so now we have a full working set. We plan on keeping this car for a while so it’s getting a bit of attention and some money spending on it. The rest of the day was taken up cleaning the garden tools ready for sale. During our regular quiz night, one team member expressed an interest in the pruner and hedge cutter that attach to the smaller weedwacker and he came on Saturday and bought them. Apparently he has already destroyed heavily pruned a hedge and a cherry tree 🙂  Speaking of the quiz night, this is proving to be a welcome interlude each week, we seem to come second most times and therefore avoid winning the 12-pack of lager which none of us drinks!

I have had another problem with an eBay sale – the large Americas Cup lithographs were sold to a guy in the USA but they arrived totally soaking wet and completely ruined. He has been very understanding and we are pursuing a claim with the carrier but it is just annoying that this stuff happens – I’d owned those prints for over 20 years and they were brand new in the original packing. The returned video converter did indeed prove to be faulty, I may just list it as “for parts or repair” but having had little interest before it will probably be a waste of time.

The success with the TV as a photoviewer and the arrival of the four-port router got me thinking – so I bought a wireless keyboard, VGA cable and a couple of other bits and now I can sit in my armchair and use the computer with the TV. This might sound trivial but it means June & I can look things up together – house hunting for example. It even works well with Skype so that will become easier.

Someone responded to my ad on Gumtree for the chain saw and ended up buying it, the hedge trimmer and my ancient power washer as well. The following day I sold the large brushcutter to another Gumtree responder so that is all sorted now. Next the regular hand tools – who needs two spades, two shovels, two large forks, one small fork, two rakes, two lawn rakes etc?

June has been equally diligent and has carried out a major sorting of her sewing stuff. It is truly amazing the variety of stuff we have squirreled away over the years; bits of material, buttons, ribbons, etc etc. Next up will be the large box of handbags so I imagine that will be a tad traumatic!

Having been a bit critical of the “Healthcare Support” visits, the next appointment was for rheumatology – again after waiting for five months – but this was with a very professional senior consultant. He ordered some blood tests and X-rays and is arranging for a follow-up in a couple of months.

I ordered some running boards for the car as we both struggle a bit getting in and out of a taller vehicle and miss the running boards we had on the Lexus in CA. They duly arrived but turned out to be a bit beyond my DIY capabilities involving much grovelling under the car so I have booked it into a local garage for next Friday – they were very helpful and understanding, just very busy.

My trusty armchair decided to separate a joint and as it has done this before it needed a full repair – fairly easy to remove the leg and clean up the joint and the dowels. I re-glued it and made a Spanish windlass to clamp it, I’m still surprised that I don’t own any pipe cramps but I’m not buying any now!

And now it’s St David’s Day, we won’t be having a Welsh lunch at the pub but I did get a leg of Welsh lamb for Sunday!



David & June

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  1. March 2, 2014 14:31

    Life goes and you seem to be adjusting nicely to the area. Hope the future holds great things for the two of you.

  2. March 2, 2014 16:01

    Thanks Jo, we are definitely feeling more upbeat and looking forward to the next phase – whatever that is 🙂

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