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Guns and turkeys

December 8, 2013

Selling off the photo equipment is proceeding well although I am surprised that the really good cameras are not moving as I thought they would. I have sold my old Nikon case, a vintage tripod and a bunch of miscellaneous bits & pieces but the cameras abide. I also have one non-paying buyer and have handed it over to eBay to sort out.

We have been lucky with the weather although it is getting colder it is dry and often bright sunshine. This won’t last so we are trying to get the garage sorting done before the rains and snow arrive.

The speed of response from our letting agent is becoming really tedious – it took them a week to respond to the last message and the response when I telephoned was “let me write all this down” – in response to an email!!!!

A search of the South Wales Police website for shotgun certificate data revealed plenty of policy documents but no forms; an attempt to find the local station using their web map failed completely as it failed to find ANY police stations in Wales. I eventually had to call (three times) and someone promised to send the new forms. They duly arrived and during the weekly shopping trip I got some photographs done in the booth in the post office. All now duly filled in signed, witnessed and posted; now we will see how long this is going to take.

It being Thanksgiving we decided we needed a turkey dinner but not really prepared to cook it – we went instead to the local carvery where turkey is always on the menu. It was OK apart from the noise level from partying heavyweight girls on the next table – they looked and sounded like the front forwards from a rugby team!

Finally the plumber arrived and he took 9 hours to fit a pump onto the existing shower, I don’t think I have ever seen a more disorganised and incompetent worker ever before. When he had finished and we put the place back to rights we discovered the darn thing doesn’t work properly! If the shower is set to slightly hotter or the main on/off control isn’t fully open past the ‘stop’ detent, then the pump just starts & stops continually. This is not good and we have told the agents as much.


Plumbing_01_sm Plumbing_02_sm


Christmas is creeping up on us so we decided it was time for the Christmas card writing session, only to discover the address book is missing! Quite why I don’t have this electronically I don’t know but I don’t. Anyway we searched the house three times, then opened the boxes June had packed with all her bits and pieces from the workroom in France – nothing! I finally found it in the “office” box and getting to that box was a big headache as I hadn’t expected to need to open it for quite a while yet.

With some of the ill-gotten gains from eBay I have purchased a special scanner for copying photographs, negatives and slides to JPEG images, mainly to cut down on storage space and we never look at our photo albums anyway. It seems to work just fine except it creates very large images. A single 4 x 6 colour print opens up in MSPaint as being 27” x 18” and looks very blurry at that resolution (5 megapixels) – it’s even bigger when set to 10 megapixels. Viewed in a photo viewer program (MS photo viewer) it looks OK but would be better if I can set a picture size and picture names. I have been in touch with their support people so we will see. The actual time taken up in the process is very quick – about 3 seconds per photo – just drop it into the slot and press the scan button then save it to the internal memory. It connects to the PC via USB so transferring the pictures is easy. All-in-all this could be fun.

The rest of the time seems to have been taken up with various doctor and hospital visits – I won’t bore you the details but we are discovering more & more that the system is very inefficient and focussed more on time wasting paperwork than actually seeing patients. There is more to come on this so we just soldier on regardless.



David & June

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