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Escape from the Country – part 1

August 31, 2013

Some things around here go too quickly, the rest too slowly. I had a bit of a scare on Monday, had a really nasty taste in my mouth, my tongue was all white and I was feeling very strange. Thinking this might be related to my gastric medicine I did a silly thing – looked up the drug on the internet. Now I’m really worried and eventually called our doctor – although he was at lunch at home he talked to me in detail and then made me an appointment for that afternoon. When I saw him he discovered a minor mouth infection and prescribed a anti-fungal mouth wash – and then spent 15 minutes assuring me that it wasn’t related to the gastric issues at all.

The letting agent in the UK assured me that all was fine with the documents I had sent and they were processing it – apparently their 3rd-party checking agency knows how to do the checks on non-UK residents.

We seemed to spend much of Tuesday achieving nothing and Wednesday wasn’t much better either. I can’t get any answer out of the repair place with the weed whacker, no response from the notaires office and so on. I did manage to sort out the car logistics, the dealer will actually collect it from me when we are ready in Wales. I did a quick shopping trip in the morning and our gardener arrived and spent most of his time in mowing the grass with a self-propelled small mower – took him about three hours after which he was basically done for the day. He did help me drain the last of the petrol from the tools and cans and took the rest away with him. All the cans are now ready for transporting.

It looks as if autumn has truly arrived, misty mornings, cooling down and so on so we decided on a final BBQ as we are almost out of charcoal and I don’t want to buy any more. No sooner had I got it all ready than the wind picked up and made sitting outside a tad less than comfortable – we really got spoiled in California. I finally got word from the weed wacker repairers – after 5 weeks they now had the price of a new carburettor. I queried this and told them it was under warranty, they then said it wasn’t the carburettor but the fuel mixture was wrong! I checked with Ryobi and confirmed the warranty but they said it had to be taken to an appointed service place – I looked them up and there is one about 10 miles from the bungalow. I told the French company to drain the fuel out and let me have it back!

Then the rush set in!  On Thursday I got confirmation from the Notaire that they could indeed achieve the 27th as the signing date. I contacted the shipping company and they said OOPS!, we can’t do the delivery on the following Monday! If I haven’t explained this, the movers will charge us an extra £1700 or so if the move is not direct and has to go through temporary storage. I had asked them how to achieve this and the suggestion was that we have them pack and move on a Wed/Thu and deliver on the following Monday without having to unload the truck. So the plan I agreed with them verbally was the date of the 27th for signing as we would then go to the UK and meet them on Monday 30th. I called them immediately but they are fully booked for the entire week of the 30th. Then I asked about the previous week – nope but the plan would work using the 11/12 packing and deliver Monday 16th. I asked the Notaire if there was any way we could sign the papers in England – did we have to be in France. His reply was very un-French – “aucune problème” he will prepare a proxy statement and his office will sign for us! Next check the bungalow availability – no problem we can sign and get the keys on Friday 13th(!). Check the ferry bookings – done; confirm movers – done; confirm bungalow – done; book hotel – done! This was about the most hectic day I have had in ages but we will be in the UK on Friday 13th. We have exactly two weeks to get ready!

Friday was equally busy, I had to write to all the French utilities, health office, tax office etc and send notification of our leaving by recorded delivery with return advice – 9 in all and it cost €40. Right after that we went shopping and I collected the weed wacker, then spent some time with our friend in Swansea collecting directions and photographs so I can brief the movers. Saturday was more letter writing, advertising the remaining stuff we need to get rid of and formalising the plan.

More news as it develops



David & June

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  1. September 3, 2013 11:41

    David, so very pleased for you that all the dominoes are falling into place as planned! The Swansea area (or rather the Gower beyond Swansea) is simply gorgeous, and I look forward to hear of your adventures there!


    • September 3, 2013 11:50

      Thanks Gerda, it is nice there if a little cooler and wetter than here.

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