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Busy, busy, busy!

July 7, 2013

Monday was June’s birthday, I’d found an English card shop online and some time back she had asked me to obtain a book for her. came to the rescue and I wrapped it up as a birthday present (had to hide it for a couple of weeks though). We got the BBQ all fired up and cooked a pleasant lunch of chicken, jacket potatoes and salad. Nice relaxing day.

We finally heard some feedback from the previous viewers – everything was fine except that we hadn’t modernised the kitchen. We deliberately had not done this as the agents have all told us people will rip it out and put their own in – ah well, takes all sorts!

We had a request from our newest French estate agent for a visit on Wednesday so Tuesday was spent in spiffing the place up. Major gardening to be done but there seemed to be a jinx on it. A bolt fell out of the grass box on the mower, the weed wacker decided to stop running and then the repaired cable for the Flymo decided it wasn’t playing. All in all a frustrating time but it all got done in the end. Oh, and the car said the tyre pressures were low so that took up some more time. All this in bright sunshine and I’m definitely getting a farmers tan!

Wednesday was house cleaning in the morning then waiting around for the potential buyers in the afternoon. They came late with the agent and spent about 30 minutes looking around but not a great deal of feedback. We learned on Thursday they actually shortlisted us as one of two but decided on the other one as it had more land and outbuildings.

I also got another internet enquiry, this one from Luxembourg and they requested a chat on Skype – in French! However, as it turned out his microphone wasn’t working and the connection wasn’t good enough for video so we spent about 90 minutes on Skype chat. 90% of the questions were already answered in the documents I had sent them but they did seem very keen going so far as to say “we could be looking at the next owners of the house” – but I could not pin them down to a visit.

I got some really nice steaks from the local butcher and we saved those for Saturday, and we had ribs on Sunday which was our 41st wedding anniversary. The weather is really warming up and we have spent quite a lot of time outside just enjoying the views and peace and quiet. Plus, of course, enjoying the British GP despite the tyre explosions robbing Lewis Hamilton of almost certain victory.

Monday was the gardening day and I’d only been mowing for about 30 minutes in the afternoon when we got a phone call from the French agent who came earlier asking if her colleague could bring a client in about an hour! Holy Panic Batman – we hadn’t done the washing up, the bed linen was in the washer and the replacement bedding hadn’t been made up. I’m ¼ way through grass cutting in scruffy clothes and June is frantically trying to tidy it all up. We got it done in time and they arrived just after 3:00pm. They spent about an hour, quite a lot of it in the garden and then asked if it was possible to put a swimming pool in! There’s certainly room for one but I have no idea about local planning rules – I guess they will have to research that before coming to any conclusions. Anyway it turned out they though the garden sloped too much – I probably should have waited until they left before continuing mowing up & down the precipitous slopes!

Then it was time for another long Skype chat with our potential buyer in Luxembourg which took up another 40 minutes or so – he’s definitely keen but I need to put this in the hands of the solicitors before doing much more. After a quick shopping trip for the BBQ stuff we finally took some time for relaxing and Peter & Jenny came round for a cuppa as well.

Malcolm our gardener was unable to come this week which was a bit of a blow, I had some major pruning and weeding tasks lined up for him and I have enough trouble just coping with mowing and weed wacking. June is not able to do very much at all with the garden so we are struggling to keep the place looking presentable.

Yet again I end up on Skype with the guy in Luxembourg and now he wants me to send him my bank details so he can send me 5% as a holding deposit. At this point I decided to play it safe and I told him I would contact the solicitors and take their advice on how to proceed. I talked to the assistant and she said the solicitor would call me and assured me his English was good.

Thursday was 4th of July and we invited Peter & Jenny around for a BBQ – the weather was iffy in the morning but we got started anyway. We had marinated some ribs and chicken, bought some baking potatoes and found our small US flags. I lit the BBQ at about 12:30 to really get it going and by the time P & J arrived I’d got the potatoes cooking. On with the ribs and then the BBQ started to cool down – figured out later it was because the pieces of charcoal were very small and burned away quickly. Adding some more got it done and finally the chicken as well. The weather brightened up and we had a very pleasant sunny afternoon, eating drinking and chatting. It all ended around 6:30 pm when they left for home and we collapsed with a drink in the living room!

In the middle of lunch the solicitor did telephone me and we agreed on a plan of action. On Friday I wrote all the details down in a long email sent to the guy in Luxembourg and copied to the solicitor’s office. Then he came back on Skype and said he had not received the email – turns out he used the wrong email address on his initial contact. He read the email and agreed to the plan and then asked for the bank details again! At this point I told him he had first refusal but only if he did as the solicitor had suggested and put in a written offer. Under no circumstances was he getting my bank details nor would I reserve the house until he had signed the documents. When I asked when he was coming to Brittany he replied two months and so I told him that was too long to wait – he had to sort something else out – we’ll see.

I haven’t sat and watched Wimbledon for many years so Friday evening was a treat and we enjoyed watching Murray win – made a change from all our recorded movies and DVD’s.

The weather has finally turned hot – we have predicted temperatures in the high 20’s for the next week at least so we are off shopping for stuff to grill outside and enjoy the summer. We had planned on doing all the shopping at the Intermarche in Elven but their shelves seemed strangely empty. We decided to cut it short, go home for lunch and go to Carrefour in the afternoon. That plan got scuppered by a bout of Gippy Tummy so in the end we shopped on Sunday morning. That in turn prevented any gardening as the power tool restrictions are too short. So, a quiet Sunday afternoon watching the mens final and the German GP, plus a BBQ dinner seems to be in order. The garden can wait until Monday and then we have guests arriving




David & June

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