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I spoke too soon :(

June 23, 2013

“Now let’s hope the weather stays dry so we can cook and sit out.”

Well that plan didn’t work – the high winds returned after we had done all the shopping and we had a fridge full of fresh sea bass, chicken and ribs. The sea bass was for Friday and we prepared it with olive oil, salt, pepper etc but the weather was truly awful and no chance of cooking outside. Saturday wasn’t much better but the fish wouldn’t keep so I braved the 60kph gusts and cooked it outside – it did turn out rather well. We froze the ribs and June made a chicken risotto for Sunday. The Canadian GP was a highlight – good race with everyone trying to race and not manage tyres so much.

The weather forecast was for dry Sunday and Monday so I planned on grass cutting on Monday – it drizzled all morning and the rest of the week didn’t look much better. But then by lunchtime the rain stopped, out came the sun and dried it all out – it was dry enough to cut and by late afternoon the job was done, Just as well as Tuesday was truly awful, winds and driving rain again and Wednesday was no better. We spent the time catching up on housework and re-examining our house selling options. Various chats with agents were very non-conclusive, one thought we were way over priced the rest seem to think it is OK but suggest a drop to boost the numbers. We were just about to do this when one enquirer from a week or so back asked to come & see the house on Sunday, so now decisions will be postponed. Regular doctor visit for June for prescription renewals, no worries at all everything is progressing as it should. Part of the discussion involved diet and when we mentioned wine the doctor asked which wine June was drinking. He then recommended another variety and also told us of a good cave to get it from, where else but France!

Our mole catcher returned on Thursday morning to retrieve his traps and he found four moles had been caught. We haven’t seen any new activity so hopefully that is that – hopefully because he wasn’t cheap at nearly €200!

We met Jenny for lunch on Friday (Peter is still in the UK) – very good break which we all needed and then we went shopping for the weeks groceries and to pick up Junes prescriptions. Saturday was our day for house cleaning ready for the viewers and we were hoping to get some garden tidying done but the weather is still bad with high winds and quite cool. On Sunday morning the weather had abated and in a mad rush I got all the weed wacking done and mowed the grass all within the Sunday time limits of 10:00 – 12:00.

Our potential buyers arrived exactly on time and spent well over an hour with us; language was a bit of an issue but we coped. They apparently liked it asking all sorts of questions regarding the renovations, annual consumption of utilities etc. We can usually tell if people are interested when they start asking questions or commenting on various artifacts – our Asia/Pacific travel souvenirs (boomerang, Japanese doll) and our South African pictures were of special interest.

Monday was a tad traumatic – in fact the past couple of weeks have been – because I have been suffering with some pain in my lower abdomen and have been imagining all sorts of horror stories that would probably involved surgery. That would have had its own challenges as June is really not self sufficient anymore (language, driving) and it has been worrying us both. Anyway I paid a visit to our doctor and was given a very thorough (and personal) examination. Part of this involved some fairly strenuous twisting and manipulating of my back and legs resulted in him telling me that although I might have a small hernia (nothing to worry about) my problems were all referred pain from a back strain. Talk about a sigh of relief! Anyway we came away with prescriptions for a pain killer and some other stuff and went home smiling. Later that afternoon we went over to Jenny’s for tea amid horrendous thunderstorms. Treffléan didn’t get much at all (just the noise) but the village close to Jenny’s (less than 5 miles away) was completely flooded with many work crews out clearing drains & ditches. Jenny had been worried that her terrace was going to overflow into the house. When we got home I checked the rain gauge, we only got ½” so the storm was highly localised.

This weather weirdness continues – on Tuesday lunchtime I BBQ’d some chicken but by Tuesday evening we had lit the living room fire and Wednesday went back to the high winds and showers. Malcolm did his usual excellent job of gardening which is just as well as I can’t lift anything right now. The arched hedge is trimmed and the lower border cleared but it looks as if grass cutting is going to be postponed.

The fosse guy finally arrived on Saturday full of excuses and possible explanations of why we might be getting the problem of seepage – took long enough but he has agreed to carry out some digging and inspection within two weeks – I’ll believe it when it happens.

Sunday was a pleasant interlude – Jenny suggested we go for Sunday lunch at a small restaurant she knows – excellent food, nice place all in all a good time was had by all. The house sale is going nowhere so we are trying one more advertising/marketing option then we’ll reconsider the pricing. Man this is frustrating!



David & June

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