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Weather permitting

March 29, 2013

We finally completed the sorting and repacking, updated the detailed inventory and tidied it all up. Then we checked and packaged properly all the boxes of books we have never really opened. That also gave us the opportunity to create a more detailed inventory so at least we know where they all are. Amazing the amount of wasted space in some boxes so we amalgamated a couple to save storage space which I suspect is going to be an issue one day. We do have quite a lot of kitchen stuff we are not using right now and when we move we won’t need it for a while (if ever) so we decided to sort it all out and then packed away almost everything we don’t need. Let’s hope we can move before the end of the year as we packed the turkey roaster! This job is now complete and we still have the mystery of the missing glasses and the pedal bin, I guess that will never be resolved now.

I had made sure the cheque for the US taxes had cleared the bank and that it had arrived by the deadline – talk about confusion. I had specifically asked them for a settlement figure and sent the cheque for that amount. When I called after it should have arrived they gave me a new figure which was more. Then after it arrived (on time) they agreed my account was settled and then told me I would be getting a refund as I sent too much! Gubmint dollars at work!

Another GP weekend made more entertaining by the Red Bull team having public tantrums – have they ever backed themselves into a corner or what? Next race should be interesting.

We heard from the Parisian couple who came to see the house, they really liked it but have decided they want to be closer to the coast. If this house was as close as they say they want to be the price will almost double. We also heard about the lady from Marseille, apparently she has to wait until her mothers estate is finalised but there are problems as her father is also very ill and has Alzheimer’s – not holding our breath on this one.

As that is the sum total of interested parties so far and the fact that we get loads of web site hits but no enquiries, we decided to try another price reduction. This entails loads of work updating all the websites, informing the agents and signing new “mandates” which detail the price and the agents’ commission. So far the result is a deafening silence.

The weather report said it was going to get colder so I decided to cut the grass on Monday – it was freezing but I finally got it done. When I checked the weather again afterwards it says it’s going to get warmer! I think they update this on a historical basis. Malcolm the gardener came and did his normal excellent job in helping us maintain the place, clearing all the weed plants from the fence area and weed whacking all the edges and ditches. These ditches are a pain because being constantly wet the weeds and the grass grow quickly and they soon look untidy.

June discovered that the VMC was not working and I found that the breaker was malfunctioning – it went on and off if you pressed in the right place. It turned out to be caused by the insulation guys who had remounted everything and cut the wires too short. The plumber who installed it fixed it up and wouldn’t charge me but did make the point that if a big problem had happened (like a fire) he could not be held responsible.

An amusing moment during our weekly shopping trip happened when we approached the fresh fish counter and the lady serving us happened to be normally on the deli counter and knew us. I could not remember the English name of a type of fish – eglefin – and I asked her if she knew the English name – she said “Fish!”. We all laughed but ended up buying some cod fillets and then I had to look it up when we got home – its haddock. For some reason I always forget the names of fish, must make a cheat sheet or something.

June had her regular three month check up and prescription renewals with our doctor and he seemed very pleased with her progress. She is off the steroids and the new medication seems to be holding the arthritis in check. This Thursday was the last of the bi-weekly blood test samples; the next is in a month’s time. On Friday she had her check up with the rheumatologist and again results are good and the doctor is pleased – so is June. The next appointment with new x-rays is in July.

The weather turned a bit nasty on Friday, we had a hint of snow then rain and hail and all this on the day we had to go to Vannes for June’s appointment. This winter really needs to be gone; we need to be outside and getting some fresh air plus finishing the planting of the borders. The daffodils are nearly done, the bushes are all sprouting, farmers are working overtime but the weather shows no sign of relenting.

We are still continuing to research bits of England – no real idea of what we actually want and the rental prices are astronomic. We have looked at Cornwall, Isle of Wight, Hadleigh and around Bletchley plus added in some thoughts of Norfolk, may be the Broads area. Each has is plusses and minuses and we really cannot decide at this point. We also cannot decide on what type of property to look for, initial thoughts were a small bungalow then we looked at flats and now we are leaning towards a town house in a small market town. But first we need a buyer and that will concentrate the mind wonderfully!

Anyway, Easter is upon us, the clocks go forward on Saturday night and we can watch the Boat Race on Sunday.



David & June

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