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February 8, 2013

It seems that every time the grass dries out enough to contemplate getting the mower out it rains again and now it is beginning to grow. The first cut, whenever it happens, is going to be a challenge as it can easily jam the outlet chute if I go too fast. The first daffodil flowered on the 30th January much to the amazement of our gardener – he only lives 30 minutes away and his have barely broken the surface. Anyway, he has finished the pathway and used up all the slabs, the next job is going to be leveling the area where they were stored and planting some more grass seed.

The fireplace boss came in person and immediately realized that all was not correct. He removed the door and some of its fittings, took them out to his car and carried out some modifications and brought it all back. When we lit the fire that evening the difference was instantly noticeable – although we have some of the wind noises back it is reduced and the door did not soot up much at all. It is staying cleaner and we can see the fire 🙂

We had a call from the rheumatologist to make a new appointment – she had spoken to the other specialist and all was OK for the new medication. This is good as it means June can stop taking the steroids; she just has to follow a regime of gradually reducing over a month as the new medications kick in. The only down side is that the doctor wants bi-weekly blood samples for the next two months – at least the nurse will come to the house and deliver the samples to the labs.

Our house advertising is attracting some attention but no visits yet; of course just as I start to monitor this activity and consider rewording some of the ads we lose our Internet connection again. Orange are very apologetic and promise to get it fixed by Saturday night – this is not helping at all; four days with no real internet service is like having an arm cut off. The little 3G  USB device sometimes allows me to read my email but I can’t do anything constructive with it.

Next it is my turn to visit the doctor, I have been suffering from a persistent ear problem and my sinuses have started to block up again – all probably the result of the failed surgery to correct the deviated septum back in the States. Anyway the doctor was his usual efficient self, gave me an antibiotic and a course of steroids and I’m happy to report after a week it is all recovering nicely.

The internet remained down until late Friday 8th, in the meantime I struggled with the 3G card and horribly slow connections, just managing to keep abreast of any emails and other communications. This meant I had quite a bit more spare time not wasted staring at a computer screen so although the weather is wet outside and the garden resembles a marsh it is warm enough to be able to work in the basement. We started off by getting rid of all the remaining junk from the renovation work in the cave and June started on rationalizing the cleaning materials etc. While working on the garage I found the mower had a flat tyre, easy enough to remove the wheel and I took it to the local garage while June was having her hair done. He checked it out and found a slight leak in the rim seal, promised to fix it by early afternoon. When I went back it was all sorted and he absolutely refused any payment at all, saying it was a few minutes work and easy. There are a lot of very helpful people around here 🙂

Next up, we tidied the store room, packed away all the decorating materials, moved all the stuff for decorations (paint, wallpaper etc) that we won’t be taking and created a larger workspace in the store room. That meant we could catalogue all the remaining boxes and start to sort out all the ones that have not been really unpacked. Our plan is to open them all fully and identify all the contents, we’re also categorizing all the stuff into a) junk, b) sell, donate, c) reserve) and d) essential. Hopefully this way we can make our next move a little less traumatic and we’ll actually know what is in each box.

One little by product of this sorting is that we found all June’s herbs & spice jars and she just could not resist transferring all the French stuff we have acquired into the English labelled jars! We also sorted out our respective wardrobes and again categorized the clothing – I know there is stuff there I will never wear again unless I get a real summer vacation.

So, on with the plans and organizing/packing

David & June


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