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Testing times

January 27, 2013

Monday arrived and with it the last of the “tests” ordered by the rheumatologist – an Osteodensitometrie. The test went very well, good solid result with no signs of osteoporosis so June is now a bit more relaxed about the whole situation. Interestingly this test is not covered by the Social Security but can be claimed back under certain circumstances but I don’t think we qualify. Also we had to pay in cash, no bank card or cheques, good job we had enough with us. In the afternoon the front door sales lady reappeared with two colleagues as it seems she had made a slight mistake on the order – but all easily sorted and the deal was confirmed, delivery is still six to eight weeks though 😦

It was raining so much that our gardener postponed his bi-weekly visit until Thursday but the work in shifting the pile of slabs and using them up in paths etc is now nearly done, we should be able to get down to some serious garden work, pruning etc soon. The plants are weird this year, all the daffodils are almost full grown with healthy looking buds on them, the canna lilies are still flowering but the grass isn’t growing much, which is a good thing as it is far too wet to cut it.

January 006 January 005









Thursday night it snowed, not a lot but enough to make the local roads a bit dodgy. I had to take the car in for a service – booked about two weeks earlier because nothing happens quickly in France but the drive to Vannes was uneventful. However the service place was freezing cold and they had given me a four-hour window to wait for the car. I did manage to convince the guy I needed to be out of there a bit quicker as I was just sitting and waiting for it and he did get it done in an hour and a half. No worries with the car but the cost at €177 was really expensive. Back in California a similar service would have cost about $75 and taken no more than 30 – 45 minutes.

January 004 January 003










Finally back to the rheumatologist and hoping for good results. Almost, there was a noticeable lack of Vitamin ‘D’ – hardly surprising since we left CA – and something else the doctor was not quite happy about. She wanted to prescribe another medication but could not do so without consulting with the asthma specialist so we are still waiting on that. She also wanted another urine sample and gave us the order for the lab. Off we went to the pharmacy to collect a renewal and also to get a sample bottle. The pharmacist said we could bring the sample to them before 10:00 am and they would get it to the lab for us – then he asked if the sample had to be taken in the morning and as it didn’t, offered the use of their “facilities” to take the sample there & then! Talk about service – the French health system is just amazing.

I called in on our fireplace supplier and explained that all was still not well and showed him on the showroom model where the problem was. He agreed to come and look for himself – it’s only taken three months for this to happen is further proof that if you want anything done, go in person.

For those who don’t already know and for a lot of reasons to be explained much later, we have reluctantly decided we have to sell this house and move on, probably to England. We have been discussing this for several months and we finally placed ads and employed two estate agents in early December. Well, on Friday we got a phone call from our estate agent (the guy who sold it to us in the first place) – but it was only to tell us he was leaving the real estate business altogether and would be handing our listing over to another colleague. Bit of a bummer as he knew the house and what work had gone into it and he also spoke excellent English. The internet ads are producing hits but no enquiries as yet so we were suitably encouraged when the other agent (who happens to be our plumbers wife) called and asked if she could bring a prospective buyer on Saturday afternoon. Consequently we spent Saturday morning cleaning, tidying and generally spiffing the place up. She arrived on time but then spent ages outside in the driveway before coming up to the house alone. Very apologetically she explained that the visitors had seen the cows on the farm and didn’t like the smells (we’ve never noticed any) so they decided that they were not interested and left 😦  Ah well, easy come, easy go, guess we’ll have to hang on a bit longer. Even after we get a buyer there is the normal three month legal process in France so we’ll have loads of time for detailed planning later.

Meantime the weather looks like its picking up, considerably warmer today and forecast to stay that way, now all we need is a few dry days and we can work on the outside.

David & June

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  1. jo Bingham permalink
    January 27, 2013 15:40

    First – hope all goes well with June. The medical care is excellent here.
    It was a surprise to read you will be moving on… I know it has not been easy, to say the least, for you two. It is an adjustment esp. coming from Ca. It can be lonely at times if you don’t have friends nearby. We wish you well in whatever direction you go.
    Bonne chance mes amis. Jo

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