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So, this is 2013!

January 12, 2013

Once again the time had arrived for some prescription renewals and as usual the doctor gives a full examination, this time for June, and he noticed that her arthritis in her right hand was getting worse. The clue was her gasping for breath as he shook hands! He recommended that she see a specialist and gave us a referral and I arranged an appointment for the following Friday.

In between all this Malcolm came and carried on with the path laying, hopefully soon we will be able to do some real gardening and get ready for spring. We did make a turkey & ham pie but found out Jenny doesn’t eat turkey so plan ‘B’ was needed as they were coming to us for the evening on the 5th.  June and I ate the pie 🙂  and it was really good. I also cut and mitred the final piece of skirting board, primed and painted it as much as possible.

The rheumatology specialist was brilliant – she was probably no more than 30 years old, very attractive and spoke almost perfect English. Apparently she also speaks Italian, Spanish and a couple of other languages including Chinese! Anyway, another full check-up and a load of “prescriptions” to get blood tests, x-rays and a bone density test. She also recommended an increase in one of the medications, June mistakenly said she had enough but didn’t  Now I had to phone the doctor to get a new prescription and they agreed to fax it to our pharmacy. However, when we arrived at the pharmacy no fax has arrived. After a lengthy phone call on my cell-phone to the doctors’ office and putting the pharmacist on the phone we discovered that the receptionist hadn’t found the prescription – scarcely surprising as it was a request for a new one. Anyway it got sorted, we got the prescription and the doctor agreed to send in the documentation.

Saturday evening with Peter & Jenny was good fun again – we seem to be able to chat all night, play bar billiards and enjoy a fairly simple dinner. It was well after midnight when they left and we slept in to about 11:00 am the following day. Next day we put Christmas away, repacked everything and washed all the Christmas themed linens and things, surprisingly it didn’t take very long at all probably because we only decorated one room instead of several as in the past! We have four large moving boxes and a few smaller ones full of Christmas decorations – some downsizing is indicated for the future!

Next job was actually fitting the skirting board, not made easier by the carpet fitters ignoring my instructions and gluing the carpet right up to the wall. So I had to cut the carpet edge then peel the narrow strip away before I could set the skirting board down level – why don’t people listen? Anyway, it was duly glued to the wall and filled with caulking where needed, that room is now done.

On Tuesday morning the nurse arrived to take June’s blood samples – I do like the way they do this at home especially when fasting is involved. In the middle of all the regular chores I get an email from Mme J – her husband is delivering the first load of logs in 15 minutes! Apparently their storage area is very wet and he cannot get the trailer in so it’ll be three tractor bucket loads. We had asked them for slightly smaller pieces as the 50 cm standard size bits (about 12 cm diameter usually) are harder to use in our fireplace – they duly arrived and are much more manageable. Unloading was fun, he drove the bucket scoop as far into the garage as possible and we set to moving and stacking it. After lunch he came back with load number two and repeated the process; Mme J arrived to assist with the stacking – she won’t let June do physical work if she can stop her! Load number three arrived with minimal damage to the paintwork on the driveway wall and 30 minutes later we are all done. The fire that evening was much more controllable – the big logs burn very fiercely and if we turn the vent down too much it all soots up.

The weather right now is just nasty, not particularly cold but very wet and muddy yet we don’t seem to have had much rain. Even so the ground is completely water logged and we cannot really do anything useful outside. There is no chance of using the mower, just bogs down and doesn’t cut the grass, thank goodness it isn’t growing too much right now. Most of our time is taken up by gradually sorting stuff out like clothes, linens etc.  in preparation for a major downsizing one day. We’re also practising relaxing!

We have been discussing what to do with the front door as it is badly warped, not insulated and the outside is a mass of old filler and dull black paint – the glass is broken as well. Geoff offered to refinish it for us but that is only cosmetic and won’t fix the fitting or the draughts.













So having tried to contact a number of companies to no avail, I found one fairly local and the lady came to look a the problem on Thursday. We told her we needed to keep the price down so PVC is the preferred option but our door is arched and the arched versions are very expensive and take weeks to deliver. She showed us an option where the door is actually rectangular but is fitted to a surface frame on the inside so it looks arched from the outside and is trimmed with the frame on the inside. This seems reasonable but is still very expensive. A bit of hesitation on our part brought an offer of a bit more discount and the offer of multiple payment options – sold! She was very professional and helpful, she was here for two hours and only had a limited knowledge of English – discussions were interesting! She will come back on Monday to confirm the measurements etc and we can expect the door at the end of February.

Friday was the visit to the X-ray department, all fairly straightforward and there does not seem to be any major issues anywhere, but the appointment with the doctor is not for another 10 days and first there is the Osteo-density tests to be done. We wait as usual.



David & June

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  1. jo Bingham permalink
    January 12, 2013 13:31

    And life continues – a bit slower for you this year. Hope all will be well with June.

  2. January 12, 2013 13:46

    Thanks Jo – so far so good as they say 🙂

  3. January 13, 2013 20:54

    hope all is well with the bone density test, mine in the UK only took 6 years before a doctor realised I needed another!!!!! but came back very positive so keeping fingers crossed for June 🙂

  4. January 14, 2013 11:47

    Hi Jenny, All is well, no osteoporosis 🙂

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