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So ends 2012

January 1, 2013

Christmas Day began as it always does for us, bottle of champagne followed by fresh ham & eggs for breakfast and opening of the presents. This year presents consisted of a few assortments of chocolates as neither of us wanted or needed to do much real shopping. The rest of the day was good if a tad trying – the oven blew the main house breaker every time we opened the door; we got through it eventually but it meant I had to shutdown my computer to avoid any damage and that of course meant no Skype.  However, dinner was great, the turkey was really delicious, one of the best ever, and all the trimmings were just perfect. Topped off with Christmas Pudding flamed in Brandy with brandy butter and cream. We spent the evening watching various old TV programs as per usual, not being able to move, having eaten too much!

Boxing Day was a little more relaxing, or would have been if the oven repair guy could have given us a time for arrival. We had planned on a late afternoon dinner and then a Skype chat with friends but not knowing when the repair guy was arriving meant we could not commit to anything. As it turned out he arrived about 4:30 and sorted the problem very quickly. Our particular oven model does not have a switch on the door for the oven light (it’s on all the time the oven is) but it does have the wires for it and one of them had frayed and was shorting out. As soon as that was fixed we got on with preparing dinner and trying to set up the Skype plan. Eventually we finished dinner and then had a pleasant half hour or so chatting with friends. We eventually sat down with a drink and watched the Downton Abbey episode, now we can’t wait for the new series to start.

I emailed our electrician describing the symptoms of the main breaker tripping but not the oven breaker – his reply was that everything was as expected, the main breaker will trip on a very small current if it detects a leak to earth, the oven breaker would need 30 amps to make it trip so the main one trips first. All is well as far as we can tell.

Lacking our usual ham on the bone joint this year I was forced to buy some more fresh ham slices – the butcher is great and was very happy that we enjoyed the turkey but we seem to have a communication breakdown every time we discuss thickness of slices. This time we have some very nice, almost gammon sized, slices for cold collation lunches! I really must study some more French and practice some stock phrases. However it does mean that we have enough ham to make our traditional turkey & ham pies for New Year.

We decided to put off any further work on the house until the New Year, the weather has been awful with very high winds and quite a lot of rain; the garden is unworkable. So apart from a regular visit to the doctors for renewals and a little shopping we have been seriously relaxing.

We were invited to Peter & Jenny’s for New Years Eve and we spent a really pleasant evening and found ourselves letting in the New Year at midnight (Paris time) something we have not done in many a long year. We left well after midnight clutching our final piece of skirting board 🙂

Now it’s down to making the turkey pies and tidying up all the 2012 paperwork ready for 2013 – whatever it may bring.

Happy New Year

David & June

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  1. jo Bingham permalink
    January 1, 2013 12:38

    Ahh – lovely. Happy New Year to you!

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