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October 27, 2012

Geoff, our decorator has now finished and we are just waiting for the piece of skirting board and the carpets.  We sort of went into a kind of limbo – we know we will try to get to England but dates and times were unknown for a while. So we started on the move downstairs of all the decorating equipment and sorting it out, we should be done with most of it for the foreseeable future. The weather improved enough after the weekend to allow me to get the other garage wall painted and I also got the grass cut again. Malcolm was here as usual on Wednesday and he got started on the big clean-up following all the ground works and disruption from the fosse & the rainwater drain. First thing was to get a bonfire going and start dumping all the dead plants the fosse guys dug up. He moved all the debris, grass cuttings etc and the fire was still burning the following morning. Hopefully now we can start a program to rescue the garden, all the construction work has either wrecked it or delayed it. Good news is all the grass seed he planted is growing well, it should be strong enough by now to stand any cold snaps – and one is forecast for Sunday.

We got the dates for the trip to England but it took me about three hours to book suitable ferry crossings, hotels, B & B etc. Can you believe English hotels and B&B’s won’t answer international phone calls as they are often Indian telemarketers? This time we are going via Caen to Portsmouth on a day crossing as we needed to arrive in England before dark – I don’t like driving a LHD drive car in England at night. So we booked a hotel in Caen for Tuesday night and we’ll be leaving home right after the carpet fitters have been & gone. Wednesday looks like being a long day, no cabin available on a six-hour crossing and then a three hour drive in England.

Peter & Jenny are back in France for a few days so we arranged to meet for lunch on Friday – we went to a small restaurant a few miles away which mainly caters to the worker lunch crowd but has no objection serving ‘business type’ customers with the same menu. Salad bar starter, faux filtet steak, cheese and desert, coffee. All served with a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine for the price of €12.50 per head. Excellent, then we all went back to our house for tea and general discussions. Great afternoon and good company.

Saturday is our final shopping day before leaving for England and then we can relax a couple of days before the trip. One item on my list was a white shirt – seems like all my old ones got lost before moving, really didn’t expect to be wearing a jacket and tie again. However, easily solved in a discount shop outside Vannes then home to unpack and off to lunch at the new creperie in the village – turned out really nice. But the skirting board has still not arrived despite several phone calls and promises of a replacement having been sent. Ah well…………


David & June

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  1. October 27, 2012 14:45

    Are you off to England for a special occasion? Things are looking up for you. Cold weather has arrived much earlier here than last year. It was the middle of November before the single digits appeared. The six hour trip will fly by – better than being stuck in an areoplane seat for that time. Bon Voyage!

    • October 27, 2012 15:50

      It’s single digits here as well today, plus gale force winds. Six hours on a plane used to be easy, regularly did 16 hours on the LA to Hong Kong, but you are right the boat is bigger and you can walk about 🙂

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