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Enfin – almost!

September 8, 2012

After a relaxing weekend watching the Belgian GP, Smiley’s People (I have the DVDs) and a roast pork Sunday lunch we’re back at work on Monday. First job is to plane down the edges of all the doors that have been sticking and get some paint on them. At the same time I painted the cupboard doors in the bathroom, the old dark beige just didn’t go with the blue tile! That and some general fettling of the decorations and we are making progress. Somehow it is feeling like really hard work, even though the weather has cooled down.

It’s amazing how long this tidying up takes, not like decorating a whole room. Every job is relatively small but requires paint, brushes, cleaning up, rollers, screwdrivers etc – seem to spend my time fetching and carrying instead of actually doing something. But it is coming together, each job is really a one-off and once it’s done, it’s done. By Wednesday we had finished the tidying up and started to turn the rooms into habitable places, cleaning windows, putting shelf paper on and getting curtains ready. The guest bathroom is finished and as if by magic the ornaments have appeared.

Thursday is usually a rest day of sorts, trip to the hairdressers, lunch and some shopping. The fosse guys arrived while we were at lunch and they worked until 7:30 that evening. As they are staying in Vannes that night they were back at 8:45 on Friday morning to get ready for the inspector. This meant opening up the trench, replacing the pipe, filling with gravel to satisfy the demands of the Mairie. Another part of the problem is that the new fosse is slightly higher in the ground than the old one and this has meant the drain on the back of the house must be raised. The new pipe will be on the outside of the house about 1 foot higher than the old one. This meant they had to drill a 5” diameter hole through the walls into the sous-sol, a load of replumbing is required. Consequently, we will now not be able to put a sink in that room so our plans to turn it into a laundry room are ended. Probably just as well as it would only cost more money and June is fine with the arrangements we made in the boiler room.

The inspector arrived at 12:00 and spent about 30 minutes measuring and checking, no issues other than he said with the way our sand filter is arranged there will never be any water going down the trench and he didn’t know why they needed it. You could scream sometimes! Anyway, it all passed and Profosse got on with backfilling and repairing our garden. I must admit they are doing a good job in leveling and finishing but there was just too much for the day – they will have to return on Monday for a few hours, so we still have the garden ornaments. Then maybe we can get some grass seed as rain is forecast for Thursday next week – could be great timing.

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Now a short shopping trip especially as we might just be able to BBQ dinner this evening and then we can settle down and enjoy the Italian GP.

David & June

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  1. September 8, 2012 12:58

    Good news all around this week – Très bon! Enjoy your BBQ – we are having bbq’d lamb – yummmm

    • September 8, 2012 15:52

      Never could get lamb to BBQ properly – really needs slow baking ala Greek ‘Kleftiko’

      Bon Weekend

  2. jenny permalink
    September 9, 2012 23:13

    love a BBQ but more pleased you got your fosse sorted at last!

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