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Hands and no fosse!

August 19, 2012

The week starts well – roofer arrives and gets stuck in, we go for a doctors appointment and receive the relatively good news that June just has a strained tendon and not rheumatism. By the time we get back from there, visiting the pharmacy and shopping the fosse guys are here and working away. I’m working away on decorating preparation work however this is not easy as the roofer is using the first room as his work area and is working in the attic where all my tools are.

On Tuesday it’s even more chaotic, the roofer arrives a bit late but then works in the attic until 10:00pm! We basically have no peace and quiet and cannot settle down in the evening. Naturally the roofer was late on Wednesday – arrived 11:30 and still left after 8:30! Trying to work around this with the noise, the noise of the fosse guys, farm tractors & traffic is basically driving me insane! The fosse guys reckon they will finish tomorrow, that is until they discover there is no gravel available so they don’t show up at all on Thursday.

However, any thoughts of a day of rest are rudely shattered when it is clear that June’s hand is not getting any better. A further visit to the doctors is called for and he sends her off for an X-ray which reveals she has a suspected fractured scaphoid bone. Confusing, as this cannot be causing the inflammation but anyway, we have to visit various pharmacies to get pain-killers and splints. The doctor is closed on Thursday afternoons so I deliver her X-rays on Friday morning, he looks very confused and shocked and we now have another appointment next Tuesday. Finally I get round to some preparation work – the decorator is coming on Monday to put up wallpaper and paint ceilings etc. The next three days are a blur of frantic activity and sheer exhaustion – I can’t believe how much I need to get done in filling, priming and gloss painting. Plus I have to remove the radiators and bathroom towel rail, repair all sorts of post-plumbing bits & pieces.

I call David the plumber and get him to come round and fix the water pipe for the new upstairs WC and while he is here, the fosse guys need some advice on re-routing some of the drainage (the original reason for the new fosse project). David just gets on with it and is done in 30 minutes – I do like the way he works. He’s coming back to fit the new WC as soon as the decorator finishes that room.

It’s a manic weekend not helped by the weather hitting 32 degrees and of course June can’t help me as her right hand is in a splint and any efforts result in it swelling up. I finally get done about 4:00pm Sunday, the only bright spot of all this is we did manage to light the BBQ and cook ribs, steaks etc.

On Monday the fosse guys show up with more sand and proceed to dig a very large and deep hole for the tank. It is of course, raining sideways and the garden rapidly turns into a quagmire. They find various issues with the drain plumbing but by the end of the day we are connected to the new fosse for one toilet only – the other two are hors de combat for various reasons. They told us not to use any water for about 20 minutes – two hours later they decide we can again! Then they said we had to put water into the new tank to prevent it from floating up out of the hole should we get a lot of rain. When I ask how full the guy says at least half and it’s a 5000 litre tank – how much beer do I have to drink????  But the problems don’t end there – although we have permission from the Mairie now the water authority (SPANC) say the case has expired and they want new copies of the plans etc. I get my copies, scan them and send them to Profosse who modify with the Mairie’s requirements, stamp them and submit to SPANC. SPANC say this isn’t good enough; it needs to be signed off by Permeasol who appear to be on vacation. So no inspection is possible yet and we can’t fix the rest and fill in the landscaping. The grass is a foot high and I can’t get the mower into the garden.

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Geoff the decorator arrives and in his normal fashion gets stuck into the jobs. First is plastering up around the new velux in the WC and then he attacks the ceilings. By Tuesday pm he has painted all the ceilings and is starting on the wallpaper in the bedrooms.

The visit to the doctors reveals more confusion, he cannot work out why her hand is swelling up but why there is no pain from the scaphoid. So now we have an appointment for a scan of both hands on Saturday morning and a new prescription for pain killers. He also orders some blood tests which were taken on Friday – as before the nurse came to the house at 08:15.

Geoff is progressing well, but had to take Thursday off. He’s finished the bathroom and WC and will finish papering the bedroom on Friday. Still no news on the fosse – this is getting really old. Our gardener came on Thursday to cut the hedge, which was really out of control, but he could only do three quarters of it as the trench to the road is still open. Now the weather is turning hot so I’ve been shopping for more steaks & ribs & stuff. We may as well make the most of the sunshine we are getting!

David did come back and fit the new WC, he is returning on Monday to fix the other minor issues. Geoff ran out of wallpaper right at the end so now we have to shopping again. Saturday is becoming a busy day and I’m not coping with it all too well. First off is June’s scan which amazingly shows that there is NO fracture – just bad arthritis. We take the results back to the doctor and he confirms all this and prescribes some anti-inflammatory stuff. June has also started taking the Glucosamine again and amazingly it seems to be having a beneficial effect. We grab lunch and head back to Vannes to the carpet shop where we find some at an acceptable price. They will fit it but not until 13th September so now we have some planning to do around getting bedrooms ready and moving stuff out of the final two rooms. One challenge is going to be moving the phone outlet so we still have internet access during decoration.

Anyway, at least the news for June’s hands is better and we can get on with the stuff we need to do this coming week – the insulation guys are due on the 28th and who knows? – we may even hear from the fosse guys!

David & June

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  1. valerie Hamilton permalink
    August 28, 2012 04:50

    Hello David & June all the way from Vancouver BC Canada.. We are planning to move to France in a couple years and I will most definitely not let my husband read any of your adventures with this house. It was entertaining to read yet very frustrating for you guys at the same time. I will keep on reading about your house and new things hapenning. I hope that you post some new pictures soon.. Valerie

    • August 28, 2012 08:35

      Hi & Welcome

      It is very frustrating but we are getting there, hopefully the interior will be done soon. Our experience is not unique, many people go through the same frustrations and budget challenges, so be prepared 🙂

      Updates later


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