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Fosse Way – not quite!

July 22, 2012

The week started with a house full of contractors; Geoff arrived to start on fitting the skirting boards to the upstairs bathroom and two bedrooms. Unannounced and unexpected Marc arrived to fit the long-awaited WC downstairs and also to modify the wardrobe. David came to check on the radiators and spent some time in correcting some minor leaks. My epoxy had saved the living room radiator over the weekend; David removed it and thoroughly cleaned and sealed the joint. This appears to be working even though we still have a couple of weeping unions. If that wasn’t enough a very large truck arrived in the middle of the afternoon to deliver the new fosse tank and various bits of pipe – almost took out the telephone wires in the process.

Next day Marc arrived to finish the WC but it still has a leak in the main downpipe, he’s patched it up but I don’t think it will hold. He had his driver/assistant start filling the joint between the patio and the house – long overdue. Geoff was back to carry on with the skirting boards which are presenting him with some problems – none of the walls in this house are even remotely straight or at right angles to each other. The Fosse guys were running late but eventually arrived with a large truck, a back hoe digger and a small dump truck. They spent the rest of the day unloading and then marking out and removing bits of vegetation that are in the way – laurels, camellia, rhododendron; they say they can replant them.

Wednesday came and Geoff arrived to finish the skirting boards and we also discussed when he can return to complete the decorations; June & I will do most of the filling and undercoating at least. The gardener Malcolm arrived and we set him loose on weeding & trimming the hedge and arch he started with some months back; it’s grown quite a bit. He also helped June with weeding the front border which is really overgrown. The fosse guys began by digging a long trench alongside the bottom hedge, put some pipes in it and back fill most of it – each end has to remain open for inspection. Then they start digging the sand filter – this thing is huge; 30m x 50m and almost 2m deep! They eventually fill it with pipes, gravel sand etc and it acts as a filter for the liquids coming out of the fosse itself.

On Thursday I get an email from fosse guy saying his man has hurt his leg and they won’t be here today. A Day Off!  Not to be; discovered a couple more weeping joints in the new heating valves after turning the system off then back on. Called the plumber and he came after lunch and fixed it all. Then I get an email from the mower repairers – can they please come at 7:00pm to collect the mower!  They eventually arrived well after 8:00, in the middle of the cricket – thank heavens for auto record and pause live TV!

Friday arrives but no fosse guy, still off sick but they promise Monday. My friend Nigel will larf – the guy with the hurt leg comes from Bradford and knows the Five Flags and Billy Webb quite well! We decided we needed a nice lunch, some shopping and I need new glasses as my left eyesight is all but useless these days. No appointment necessary for the optician and after some discussion we realize that no insurance covers the actual frames & lenses and his consultation is free – much like Lenscrafters in the USA. The eye exam is not quite as thorough as this is only an optician not an ophthalmologist but it is comprehensive for the actual vision tests. Apparently I’m going to have to wear glasses permanently so I opted for photo chromatic as well. The cost is about the same as the USA – €650 – the only problem is choosing a frame. For some reason, probably fashion dictated, frames are narrow these days and I prefer to have the lower edge close to my cheek so I can seen down through the bi-focal bit. These modern frames just don’t allow that – the bifocal line is right where I look straight at it. The optician got a bit creative and recommended a frame which is rimless on the bottom edge and they will make the lens much larger to allow a bigger bi-focal area. I am supposed to get them in a week.

June is busy gardening, trying to catch up with all the weeds and I’m fixing all the diddly stuff after the plumbing etc; adjusting door hinges and the like – for some reason two or three doors decided they would stick and/or squeak after we got back from England.

The sun has finally started shining so we got the patio furniture out and the BBQ. A quick trip to the supermarket for some steaks and salad and we are outside again – it has been a while. Just realized it is a year since we signed the paperwork for this house – if we knew then what we know now life might have been very different! Anyway we are here and have received the first official visitor request; my brother is on a business trip in September and is going to stop by for a day or two. Must get that bedroom finished!

Sunday is again gardening and diddly fixing – I’m determined to correct all the issues that have occurred since we first decorated and then we can get on with the upstairs. It’s German GP weekend and we have Test Match Cricket – life is looking up!

The week in pictures:

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David & June

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  1. Cindy permalink
    July 22, 2012 21:27

    At some point, will you let us know how much all the repairs and needed upgrades cost relative to what you paid for the house?

  2. July 24, 2012 08:29

    Hi Cindy – yes but probably privately via email

    • Cindy permalink
      July 24, 2012 19:53

      Percentages would be fine, as is private Email.

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