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Tree fellers

March 11, 2012

There’s an old gag about two Irish guys who saw a sign outside a lumber yard “Tree Fellers Wanted”; one turned to the other and said “if Paddy was here we could get that job”. Well they would have had their work cut out here this week, it has taken all week for the farmer and his son (with a bandaged finger) to knock down and cut up the trees.

Their method has been to use a JCB to dig into the roots then push the tree over. Father then attacks it with a chain saw removing all the branches and cutting the trunks into bite-size pieces. They do about five trees at a time and they have also offered to remove a lot of debris from our gardening efforts PLUS cut out a lot of the overgrown hedge we have been working on. They managed to avoid bringing the power lines down. The difference to the house is truly amazing, we have much more light, we have a view and now we can set about cleaning the outside of the house of all the accumulated green gunge from the trees.

Today, they decided to burn all the branches and detritus, as luck would have it the wind has moved to the east and the house is surrounded by smoke so working outside is a non-starter. We have been doing some cutting & pruning plus I have mowed the grass again. The mower battery is a real pain, it just won’t hold a charge and even when fully charged it is reluctant to start. This time I jumped it from the car and off it went immediately. The Flymo worked as planned getting the slopes and bits around the trees sorted. The place is starting to look as if someone cares.

We are still waiting on the soil tests and reports for the fosse septique, the farmer says there is nothing wrong with our fosse (he used to maintain it for the old lady) but the law has changed and we may have to bring it up to code.

The fireplace guy came and put some insulation in the chimney and that has made a difference to our comfort level. The soot smell is gone and we no longer have draughts whenever the wind blows.

Friday saw the first games on the bar billiard table – it has to be said that Marc and Sylvie beat us 2-0 mainly due to me knocking over the black skittle while 800 points in the lead. Great evenings entertainment though and well worth all the effort it took to get the table here and working.

This week I shall continue with the internal decorations and hopefully soon we’ll have the fosse sorted and the electrics done as well. We still don’t have the new WC but I have found a plumber who seems willing to take on some jobs – he did come and fix a small leak we had in the main water pipe and very efficient he was. Time will tell…….

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