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It never rains but …………

March 2, 2012

Marc was hoping to fit the new WC as his next job here but when it arrived at the store it was broken so has been re-ordered. This too has been delayed so now we wait once more. In the meantime we started a dialog about the rest of the projects and quickly realized we had run into one of those communication issues. We had asked Marc to help us control the budget (the possible expense of the new fosse could be a problem) by giving us estimates in advance of every task he was planning. This was misunderstood (or mis-communicated) into him believing we wanted him to stop altogether. This explains why we haven’t seen much of him for two weeks and of course now he is booked up with other customers. There is still plenty June & I can do, the only problem will be protecting our decoration work from future construction work.

We got started by finishing up the decoration in the bathroom and WC prior to the new loo arriving and we actually found a shade of paint that could be used almost everywhere in either matt or satin finish and it goes on really well. Next job will be to start on the lobby area door frames and progress from there to the landing. We do have a problem though, we cannot find a decent coving (crown moulding) in any quantity at all – we need 40 metres and the local hardware place had just two metres and no idea of when they will get any more. I did find a source in England that will ship to me but the cost is £8.75 a metre and the local cost is about €3.50. I’ll probably have to order it locally and just wait until it shows up.

The weather has really been great for a few days and we have been very busy outside. Cleaned a load of ivy out of some bushes and trees, cut back and pruned others and finally this week cut down the big laurel/holly tree in front of the patio doors. It has really made a difference and lightened the place up a lot. It took us all day to cut it down and dump the cuttings – it had eleven separate trunks! This revealed the state of the ground underneath it – a mass of ivy, weeds and grass which can only be removed by hand, a painstaking and lengthy process but we’re getting there. The daffodils are amazing, the are everywhere along path and side borders and are blooming like crazy.








Some time back I realized we would need some help with the garden and I found an English guy who does this sort of work and he agreed to come and start work on the hedge and then estimate the rest of the jobs. He came on Thursday and got about half of the big hedge cut – it’s really overgrown and tangled and needs a severe cut back, far more than we had anticipated. But he was a great worker, a really nice guy and brought us some eggs from his small holding – 6 large duck eggs and 10 hens eggs, I had two duck eggs for tea and they were delicious. He is going to come back soon and complete the hedge and also take on some more tasks for us.









As you probably recall we have been discussing cutting down the very large pine trees along our border; there are over 40 of them. Well the farmers (our neighbours) did all the paperwork with the Mairie, all we had to do was give our approval which we have done – actually the deputy mayor came to our house to meet us and discuss the project. Where else but in France would that happen?









The farmer has agreed to do all the work for a very reasonable price, we get the wood cut up for the fireplace and they say we can pay them whenever we like as they know of our fosse septique budgeting problems. They will also replant the border. They want to get this done as soon as they can, they need the field and they can’t burn the branches etc after April 1st (it’s against the law for bonfires between April and October). We got a message from them this morning saying they planned to start on Saturday morning and the old guy has been removing stakes and the electric fence already. Then, we get another message that their son (who is going to fell the trees) has injured his hand and the latest is he is spending tonight in the hospital. So now we don’t know what will happen.

More news later …….

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