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New beginnings

January 28, 2012

Always amazes me how things turn out differently than expected. We had anticipated Marc coming back to carry on work but unfortunately his sinus infection has not responded to treatment and he has only just come back on Tuesday this week. He did bring the electrician to reassess the work we needed but he (electrician) seems to have vanished again.

June’s treatment has had a marked positive effect but according to the specialist on Tuesday, she now has asthma permanently and is on medications for ever 😦   Naturally she is not too happy about this but there is no way to do anything except take the medications and keep on going. It’s not been an easy week ……………

With Marc absent, we launched into a sort out of the storage area in the sous-sol and have now unpacked every box we have and identified the contents. All we need to do now is create enough storage spaces in the house proper and we’ll be fine! We unpacked all the pictures as well and have hung some in the lounge and entry way – must say it’s looking more like home every day. I was very worried about one picture we had bought in South Africa 10 years ago; it has a line of small elephants carved from wood mounted in a frame and I thought I could hear it rattle. However, no damage done – at least until I hung it on the wall. Thirty minutes later it fell to the floor making a small dent in the parquet, very minor damage to one corner and smashing a power outlet to pieces on the way down. The largest elephant became detached 😦  I then had to replace the power outlet, open the picture frame and refix the elephant and then fit stronger hooks to rehang it. It looks good now though.








We have something like 12 boxes of books, DVDs, photo albums etc – we have found space for the cookery books but that’s all so far. We also have a ton of kitchen stuff either repacked in boxes or stored in the sous-sol so when Marc returned his first job was to complete the cupboard in the lobby area and now we can start to use it as a kitchen store room. He’s also refitted the microwave to provide some additional storage below it and fitted a new shelf in a corner cupboard so I can put the 110v transformer out of sight – this will give us quite a bit more counter space. Next we need the VMC (extract system) fitted and then we can seal up the old fresh air vents which are making the kitchen really quite cool.

Very soon we are going to have to sort out the drainage and separate the sink drains from the rain-water system – this is a requirement by the local authorities and was part of the purchase conditions. When this is done we can pump the septic tank and the re-inspection done. As we had anticipated needing to pump the system in February this is getting urgent!

Its amazing how stuff is growing right now, grass is just as long as it was a couple of weeks ago, the camellia is flowering for France, daffodils and narcissus growing like weeds and of course the weeds are growing. There are loads of little flowering plants about as well – all sprouting nicely. I’ve been out to replace my large (20 litre) gas can and I’ve ordered a new back-pack sprayer; both items lost in the move somehow. I’m also thinking of getting some professional gardening help for the major items like overgrown bushes, hedges etc as with June on reduced workload it’s going to be tough to get ahead of this. However, the weather this weekend is just wonderful, quite mild after early frost and sunny so we have been mowing, brush clearing, pruning and generally cleaning up the place. Getting rid of the cuttings could prove a challenge but as we are allowed bonfires I guess that is the way to go, either than or buy a mulcher and start a compost heap. I did just buy a Flymo online in France so I can cut the few bits (like slopes) I can’t get to on the ride-on; it’s electric but I really do not need the hassle of more gas engines – I have five already. Some are easy to start like the Ryobi models – the brush cutter is even battery start – but others such as the power washer are a royal pain sometimes and as for the chain saw 😦

Anyway, Marc should be back on Monday and hopefully we can get the kitchen and bathroom completed.

Keep on keeping on

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  1. January 28, 2012 18:13

    hi so sorry to hear about June’s asthma but by avoiding the triggers and meds it can be controlled even if it is a pain in the butt. Your plants are far ahead of ours although just 40km south I saw daffy’s in blown last week. I guess hiring a Mexican gardener (and I write that with respect) is out of the question. Hope you find someone to help you.
    We are finding the same problem with storage in the kitchen due to lack of drawers for the little things (forget having the N. American obligatory ‘junk’ drawer.) Have to agree with the ‘grasshopper’ mentality of the packers – what were they thinking???
    Soon spring will be sprung and everything will look brighter
    Cheers Jo

  2. January 29, 2012 09:29

    Hi Jo,

    June is coping well thanks and a day or so in the garden works wonders. We’ll be out there again today, weather is great.



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