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A Merry Christmas to all our readers

December 24, 2011

We have actually spent this past week on our own, Marc was called away for another job and it’s actually been quite relaxing getting to know our house.

 We got the Christmas shopping done, the sausages and bacon were delivered (a day late but OK) and we now have Freesat installed which has worked out really well. It was a challenge finding all the ingredients we needed and some last minute substitutes were needed, we couldn’t find sucre glace for example but the sucre extra fin worked well. The French pâte feuilleté worked very well on the sausage rolls, farine fluide was good for the mince pies and the whole lot were consumed with great compliments by our French guests on Christmas Eve morning.







 We had to call in the heating boiler specialist and he arrived on Tuesday evening, diagnosed the problems as being cause by a faulty steam let-off valve, retuned the whole thing and its been fine ever since, the house is much more comfortable and quieter now.

 Thursday nigh was a surprise – Mme J, our neighbour, came rushing over at 5:45 with an invitation to the Mayors Annual Address and Cocktail reception – we had 45 minutes to get ready! She collected us at 6:30 and off we went. Firs French social occasion and a great time was had by all. Couldn’t understand much of the mayors speech and it put me in mind of that scene in “A Year inProvence” but he didn’t go on too long. We met lots of interesting people, some even spoke a couple of words of English. One guy spoke perfect English but then his mother was Irish and his father French – very useful contact.

 Freesat (BBC4) gave us a treat by showing the Nutcracker from the Royal Ballet followed by the Morcambe and Wise Christmas Special classic – a great evening.

The weather is amazing, after last weeks storms it’s calmed down, daytime temperatures in the high single digits and Christmas Eve is just a beautiful sunny day. The large camellia in the back garden is flowering!








OK, now we make the stuffing, stuff the turkey and make some more brandy butter (they ate it all this morning!).

Bonnes Fetes

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