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We haved moved in :)

December 18, 2011

The Brittany weather finally turned, we had torrential rain, 110kmh wind gusts, hail and general mayhem. This happened twice this week and now we are promised cold. The rain and hail came down the chimney in the gite and brought a load of much down with it – we showed the owners and they were completely unconcerned so we stuck a bucket in the fireplace and let it collect the water – ended up with three inches! However, it also came down the chimney in the house and bounced way across our new parquet floor, luckily no harm done.

Next we discovered the rain had got into the garage and run way down inside, our sofa bed got a little damp on one corner. Marc was great, he discovered and cleaned out the drains by the garage door, replaced some of them, recemented it all in and adjusted the door. The rest of the week has been about finishing the bathroom – well it’s almost done. The WC was a problem, the exit pipe was at least 8” further into the device consequently it won’t fit. I was a bit miffed at this as I bought it on the 30th of October, not a good time to discover the problem and I don’t know if the store will take it back as it was a special order. Marc took the receipts so we’ll find out next week and also if we can get one that will fit.










Thinking nothing else can go wrong we got on with the moving preparations; June decide to iron the new bedroom curtains before shortening them. She brought her US iron with her as she really liked it and I have a couple of transformers for our US applicances. She plugged it in and BANG! – plugged it into the 220volt outlet. OOPS! So now we have to go and buy an iron and the only reasonable place is 20 minutes drive away and its pouring with rain. Anyway we found one for just €17.90 and the curtains got done.

Then we discovered the wardrobe Marc built doesn’t have enough height for hanging our clothes so he’s going to have to modify it. This will not be easy as part of it is glued together; also the rails are not strong enough so they will have to be replaced.

However, I have got most of the light fittings done – what a trial, the French don’t seem to care which wire is hot in a three pin plug. The plug is unmarked and much internet searching reveals that although they do want you to wire it correctly – brown is hot, blue is neutral and green/yellow is ground, there is no way to discover which pin they go to! I decided to test a couple of outlets – didn’t seem to matter which way I put the meter on the wires, still got 230vac and correct polarization. So I checked the wires behind an outlet – in our house yellow is hot and there is no ground wire !! Much consternation and I can see an expensive electricians bill coming my way soon. I have carefully kept our wall lights from over thirty years ago and was figuring out how to mount them as there is no existing wiring and with solid stone walls it’s going to be an issue. However, I can quit worrying as I managed to smash the glass on one with the vacuum cleaner, forgetting I had put them safely under the furniture! I’d also ordered the special bulbs as well 😦

Apart from all this we actually moved in as planned on Saturday and slept in our own bed for the first time since May 5th – wonderful. We’ve spent the weekend in working out how to use the house, where we have put things, what we can’t find and basically done some living in one place. Not having to get in the car every morning and move and then move back in the evening is just a treat.








Next week we continue, we need to do some Christmas shopping and the new satellite TV is being installed on Tuesday. I don’t think we are going to bother with a tree, lights and all that, there’s just too much else to do to get ready for the weekend and visitors.

Should be fun!

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  1. December 18, 2011 19:03

    OMG – it continues for you two……..
    Love the tiles in the bathroom. Ah, your own bed -Yes and we
    can’t wait for the pillows toooo –
    Visitors??? Yikes!! Hope they aren’t staying over…..
    Have a wonderful Christmas time in your new house and this time next year you will be settled and do it right once again.
    Our new washer has a rapide setting so it will be so much better. Just biding our time til Jan 19th……..
    A very Merry First French Christmas to you both…….and many more
    Jo and Brian

  2. December 23, 2011 23:05

    I have been keeping track of your progress – great that you have moved in and its looking ship shape. Please keep us up to date with the renovation progress as it will greatly help others thinking of starting a new life in France in a not so new house.

    Joyeux Premier françaises Noël à vous deux

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