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Seven months and counting!

December 11, 2011

It’s been exactly seven months since we arrived in France, seems like a lifetime of living in rented accommodation with minimal clothes, cooking facilities etc. The weather has finally got significantly colder and we still need our clothes unpacking although we have made a start. We are still unpacking stuff, organizing and reorganizing the furniture but we now have a definite plan to get moved in by Saturday 17th so we have decided we  ARE doing Christmas. On-line ordering has taken care of everything except the turkey and we are promised that by the farmer. As a bit of an incentive they; the neighbours and Marc & Sylvie are invited to drinks on Christmas Eve morning! Marc & Sylvie are also coming to dinner on Boxing Day. 

Tiling is done, bathroom and WC are wall-papered and fittings are starting to appear. However, we had a bit of an upset, possible big delay, on Wednesday. Marc was ready to lay the bedroom carpet and we needed some other shopping as well. We all had lunch then Sylvie volunteered to accompany us to the carpet shop and a couple of other places. When we go there we discovered the carpet is on back-order and it’ll be three weeks – Marc forgot to reserve it when we gave him the description! We searched the store and were fortunate to find another carpet of very similar color, in stock and about half the price of the original. They delivered it the next day and Marc laid it and put down the skirting board. I’m not a big fan of this method, the joins aren’t filled and painted as they would be if we did it our way – but it looks OK.











I have been trying to buy a ride-on mower for weeks from a store called “La Maison de Valerie”, originally placing the order in September. After a huge amount of back & forth I finally talked to them sensibly about three weeks ago and they said everything is fine, it’s on its way. Nothing happened, I checked on-line and the order had been cancelled! I called on 6th December and they apologized but the item was sold out and they weren’t getting any more – unbelievable! In a crazy moment I got back on their website, found an identical model just slightly smaller cut diameter and ordered it. It arrived on Friday!

Saturday we did a big shop for light fittings, plugs sockets etc. A decent lunch in the Irish pub of kangaroo meat, pint of Kilkenny, glass of wine for June and we were back on the road. We found a store for kitchen furniture and we now have a kitchen table and two chairs – the other two are on back order! By the evening we were totally whacked and collapsed with a G & T or two.

Sunday was a bit of a pain – I assembled the kitchen table in the hall and then found it wouldn’t go through the doorway so I had to remove the legs and put them back on in the kitchen. Thinking it wasn’t too cold and not raining I decided to assemble the ride-on so I can move it out of the way – it was delivered in a crate into the garage and is totally blocking the doorway. The instructions are in diagram form only with little illustrations of each nut & bolt – the problem was the instructions cover a variety of models and it wasn’t obvious which diagram applied. After two hours of fiddling, swearing and grazed knuckles it’s all together – except they supplied it with an empty battery uncharged so I can’t start it. I don’t own a battery charger so I’m hoping Marc has one I can borrow for a few hours.

June had been working on the kitchen and we now have placemats, napkins etc but no food. By lunchtime we are both exhausted, I’m frozen silly so it was time to quit and go back to the gite for lunch, shower and a sit down rest.

It’s going to be a busy week – we are determined to move in by Saturday and there is a lot to do.

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  1. December 11, 2011 18:27

    Ah HA! You do have a plan!
    The countdown is on…….Lundi, Mardi……..M.I.D. – move in day LoL
    I know you can’t wait to be in your own space again….uz tae


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