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Too much stuff !

November 27, 2011

Well this week finally saw some moving in happening – Marc finished the living room floor and we started moving furniture in. This is hard work, each item has to been carried out of the sous-sol, up the frive and into the house via the patio doors. We had to lay cardboard packing in the living room to prevent damage to the floor and/or the furniture and extra floor covering to soak up the wet and mud off our shoes. Then we change shoes and start unwrapping the items and then getting rid of the wrap & cardboard packaging. Naturally after six months or more the wrapping is dusty and we are constantly cleaning up.








Every item of furniture needs little felt pads on the bottom so we don’t mark the floor – so every item has to be laid down on its side, pads stuck on and then lifted up. One of the reasons for choosing this house was it was big enough to take our furniture, imagine then the consternation when the layout we had mentally decided on wouldn’t work, the big sofa was too wide to go between the patio doors, the tall cabinet looked silly and we spent hours moving it all around to arrive at a layout that will (for now, anyway) work for us. The big china cabinet, sofas etc we could move ourselves with some help from Marc, but the tall cabinet was just too heavy. Marc went across the road to the farm and asked M. et Mme J. to assist – next minute the four of them (Marc, M et Mme and their worker) are marching up the pathway with the cabinet! This thing has glass on three sides and mirrors on the back inside – really fragile but it arrived safely and was duly installed.








Packers need some sort of training program – we found a fragile glass oil lamp wrapped in a couple of pieces of paper and dropped into a box; the clock was packed so tightly that the pressure pushed the glass off the frame and broke the pendulum. They had carefully pad-wrapped a sheet of pegboard!

Naturally we brought far too much stuff but the magnitude of this became apparent after Marc finished the kitchen and we could start to unpack the boxes marked “kitchen, dishes” – there were 16 of them! We have done eight so far and are rapidly running out of space so have adopted the idea that we will unpack everything and then repack into boxes stuff we won’t need immediately – like the outdoor BBQ crockery and glasses which is all plastic (we had a pool before). We also have plans for a kitchen closet but that won’t happen just yet.








We now have a working kitchen with new fridge, cooker, micro-wave and sink; we have hot water downstairs at last. There are some minor details to attend to but it is useable and we are getting unpacked slowly. The living room is also coming together but we need lighting and the TV system sorting. Orange decided I would have to use satellite for TV and there was already a dish installed – naturally it didn’t work and needed attention. Guy came on Tuesday and installed it and it works – but only upstairs in the office. We are really waiting on the electrician to complete his tasks – one of which is to run Internet cabling from the office to the living room. This is needed to connect the satellite decoder to the telephone interface box (Livebox) which is in the office and needs to be. I want to be able to use Skype downstairs and wireless just doesn’t cut it for video calls. I’m also going to get a Freesat dish and HDD decoder so that needs wiring as well. InEnglandwith cavity walls and in theUSwith wood-framed buildings this stuff was easy – with solid stone walls it’s a pain.

We have been very lucky with the weather – temperatures in the mid-teens (Celsius – 60’s Fahrenheit) and almost no rain. A bit of fog occasionally but nothing critical – friends tell us this time last year it was snowing! We had a nice surprise on Thursday – Marc & Sylvie invited us to an evening at their place to celebrate Thanksgiving, a very pleasant evening indeed. Next year we have to cook aTurkey!

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  1. November 27, 2011 18:23

    Too Much Stuff – Mais oui!
    Happy to hear you are at the unpacking stage even if you are overwhelmed with what you brought. Doesn’t take much to fill up the cabinets. Pool? Yeah, we had one toooo…I am going to miss it. Floors look terrific! And a real living room with your own furniture.
    What to get for Internet etc. will be difficult for us coz we’ll be in the boonies and service is terrible as per the sellers. You seem to have everything in order so advice will be appreciated.
    Yes, gobble, gobble next year for sure.

  2. November 28, 2011 08:33

    Hi Jo,
    We use Orange for Telephone, ADSL and a connection to a satellite decoder. First step would be to check with Orange (France Telecom) if you can get ADSL high-speed, if so that would a good starting point. If not, check out the satellite providers – Mayenne is a good company.

    Bon chance


  3. November 28, 2011 21:55

    Thx – will check with the English speaking dept of Orange Do you have a Sky box? I hear they are cheap on E-bay. There are quite a few satellite providers (English) around here. Thx for the help and hope you are not buried under boxes and paper

    • November 29, 2011 08:31

      We’re totally buried! – Sky is expensive, check out Freesat via Mayenne (and others)


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