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Work begins!

October 15, 2011

 Well it’s started!  On Monday our contractor Marc turned up at the house armed with his cold chisel and hammer and promptly removed all the remaining “baseboard” tile on the ground floor. Next he unloaded a number of boxes of parquet flooring and started right in on laying it. This room is 50 sq metres and it took him all week to lay it all, but it has to be said he had numerous distractions from us in planning the next moves and helping us with things that were not clear – like how to remove a radiator. He did give us a bonus one day by removing all the wallpaper from the master bedroom – saved us a ton of work. The living room floor now looks wonderful, can’t wait for next week when he starts in on the tile in the kitchen, bathroom, hall and lobby.

Before                                                                                                    After












We set to work cleaning the bedroom, filling cracks, sanding, removing switches and plugs and getting it ready for redecoration. This is taking some planning as we wanted to build a wardrobe in the room and I’d drawn up some plans for Marc and provided photos of the sort of thing we wanted based on our house inCalifornia. Communication barrier – Marc did not understand why we didn’t want the custom units and walls he normally installs, finally when we all got on the same page, his idea seemed to work better so that is what we are going to do. The order of events is now: wardrobe, crown molding, ceiling paint, texture wallpaper, paint walls, install carpet. We spent Friday picking the colours for the wardrobe and the carpet, next we go searching for paint, wallpaper (for texture) etc. I’ve also discovered that paint rollers inFranceare different, generally smaller and therefore I can’t use my roller handles and extension poles unless I buy some roller covers from the UK– we’ll see.

The house is in a really bad decorative order and nothing I’ve ever seen can compare with the security wiring someone installed. There were about six cables of various sizes, surface mounted against ceiling and wall corners, glued in place with some horrible silicone-like stuff then wallpapered over! What a mess and finding the live connection buried deep in the sous-sol was a major exploration. I have removed all of it from the bedroom, closet and lobby area but in the process damaged wallpaper I wasn’t ready to replace. A major bonus is the alarm company are coming next week to remove the alarm system – saves me a job  🙂

Another time-consuming task has been removing all the hooks used to hang pictures – not regular picture hooks, oh no – these are screw-in hooks and they have wall plugs in the walls to hold them L  Each one needs removing (or cutting off and burying), and the wall filled and sanded. So far I have counted over 30 of these in two rooms!

We decided some time ago to replace the main bathroom fittings – a lovely 1970’s shade of chocolate brown with (almost) matching tile. It’s all disgustingly stained and filthy 😦  Marc is retiling the floor anyway so we have decided to use the same tile around the bath tub and shower – we’ll paint the rest. Now we just have to remove the old tile, should be a bundle of laughs.








Apart from all that, finding lunch has proved more of a challenge than expected. It’s very surprising how few places actually serve food locally, many are closed on Monday and those that are open are catering for a three/four course hot lunch. This is normal for the French but a little OTT for us, we are more used to a sandwich type lunch and a hot evening meal. However, we have eaten the full lunch a couple of times and been amazed at the quality and quantity of food for the money – rarely spend more than 10 or 12 Euros which will buy a cold starter, hot main course of steak or chicken or veal with rice or chips and veggies, followed by cheese and then a dessert and it includes wine! I can see my weight loss disappearing very soon.

OK, next week more demolition and then hopefully some molition, news as it develops.


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  1. October 16, 2011 09:22

    WHAT FUN! Hidden treasures behind the wallpaper – just think what you may find as you rip back the layers of time…….

    Good food and demolishing exercise – you won’t gain weight!
    Bon chance!


  2. October 16, 2011 09:44

    Thanks Jo, Hope the house-hunting is going well


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