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Home owners in France :)

October 1, 2011


After an interminable wait and one last minute postponement we signed the final paperwork for the house at 10:30 CST on Wednesday 28 September. It went much quicker than expected, no complications and the translator was only there for 45 minutes. Done & dusted in less than an hour – we are homeowners again 🙂

So then we decided to take a trip to the house with the several sets of keys, garage door openers, alarm keys etc they had provided. Lo & behold, despite all the ignoring of comments about garden maintenance and a house full of junk, they had cleared the place completely and cut the grass. We also carefully measured the size of the basement because we plan on having the container arrive as soon as possible so we have tools and equipment to work with. A call to our contractor to confirm this is OK with him and we have a plan. Also turns out he cannot start work on the house until Wednesday or Thursday so we really have lost another week on top of the time we could have spent since the end of August.

Next we need accounts for water, electricity, garbage collection etc – already sorted the phone (includes Internet & TV) and we can pull the trigger on that anytime. They told us to got to the Mairie and find out who is responsible for what, which we did and discovered the Mairie is not responsible for anything; they gave us the addresses of the water department, the garbage people and the electricity board. Plugged those into the GPS and we are ready for the off on Thursday. First stop is the garbage place – NON! No curbside collection, we have to take the stuff to the central village depository. OK, next the water board, NON! We have to go to Auray which is about 25 km in the opposite direction so we stop at the Electricity Board (EDF) on the way. There are massive road works and no diversion signs so it takes ages to fight our way in – NON! They are closed! So we head to Auray and finally meet someone who sets up our account for us and tells us to check the meter reading – we have no idea where the meter is but they tell us it is always installed close to the road on the South or West side. We drive all the way back, with a brief stop at the local supermarket to pick up our name board signs for the letter box and then to the house. The water meter is easy to find and taking a reading is simple. We stick the signs on the letter box and we are basically done for the day.

Bit of a dialog with the shipping company but now we are set for our stuff to be delivered on Thursday October 6th, only issue is that the local authority have decided to build a new roundabout on the main road and all the traffic is getting diverted down the lanes and past our house. The road isn’t that wide so I’ve been telling the shipping company not to bring an 18-wheeler – we’ll see. They have also been told not to unpack anything, we shall see next week. We are also going to have to pay for some trees to be severely cut back and pruned and I still can’t see if the satellite dish can be oriented where I want it, I’ll recheck when the tress are done.

Friday I decide to go to EDF alone and despite the road works I am done in about 40 minutes, dead easy and very helpful people so now we have the electricity account. I emailed the water reading to the Water Board and got a response back by return. Picked up some sandwiches for lunch and then we decided to go out for the afternoon. The weather for the past month has been absolutely glorious – high 70’s, sunny and warm and we have spent several evenings sitting out on the patio (sic). Well, we wandered down to the harbour at Larmor Baden and were just mooching around when I saw that there was an afternoon boat cruise around the harbour leaving in about 15 minutes. Loads of indecision followed until we discovered it was the last trip of 2011! Sold, we were on it and a very pleasant afternoon it was too. Back in time for a couple of G&T’s on the patio and a relaxing evening.

Monday we have to go back to the doctors to register and provide all our medical history so this meant another trip to the supermarket to use the photocopier, I just know that when I get my printer/copier back I won’t need it as much as I have over the past four months or so.

Onward & upwards

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  1. jo Bingham permalink
    October 2, 2011 08:38

    Congratulations!!! Bumpy road but now you are on track now. How about some pictures?
    Keep us all posted with your new adventures. Enjoy the up dates! Jo

  2. Carla permalink
    February 11, 2015 16:46

    Hi I just found your website through We are moving to France in the Summer and my husband has a lot of tools. Did you bring all your tools or only some? Did they work fine with converter/transformers? He is very sad that he won;t be able to bring most of his shop due to the difference in voltage.

    • February 11, 2015 17:00

      Hi, I used all my 110v power tools with a tranformer that I bought from Most single-phase tools will work fine as long as the transformer is big enough. You need at least 100% oversize so a 2000 watt saw needs a minimum of a 4000 watt transformer to cover the surge loads. The other option would be to buy a good generator with 110v 60Hz output. You might also want to check the UK websites as many contractors in the UK use 110 volt tools.

      Also, all your domestic stuff like stereo, kitchen small appliances, lamps will work and France has Edison screw (E27) light bulbs so you only need to change plugs, wiring is fine.

      I’d bring a few power strips as well, then you only need to change one plug 🙂

      Good luck

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