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Set backs :(

September 10, 2011

Before we left on our UK trip the estate agent said we could probably have access to the house prior to signing the contract so that our contractor could lay all the new floors we need. These take three to four weeks to settle and dry so this was a huge help and the materials were duly ordered.

When we got back they had changed their minds – no access and the signing date is pushed back to 15th September. Our container arrives in Le Havre Oct 1st.

Yesterday they pushed the date back again to Sept 28th, denied us access again and won’t actually commit to the 28th yet 😦

Apparently the problem is (first we heard of it) there are two notaires involved and they can’t agree on anything. So now we know we cannot move in until at least October 20th; we’ll have to delay the shipment and pay another months rent and spend another month in this 45 sqm apartment. I could scream In the meantime the house is empty, the garden is turning into a wilderness and our contractor is frantically rearranging all his schedules and sub-contractors. 

We are considering having the container delivered as soon as possible after signing and storing everything in the sous-sol – at least that way we will have all our tools available and can start on the decoration and the garden. But then we’ll have to employ some strong men to move it all into the house and that might have insurance implications.

All part of the French learning process I guess but there really is no excuse for this cavalier behaviour in any society.

So now we wait a bit more

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  1. September 10, 2011 14:16

    Oh I am sooooo sorry!!! What an ordeal! I understand your frustration with not being allowed into the house…….
    Here is a little story:
    Met a Scottish couple last week who had bought a house. They hired an English contracting firm, had a falling out with them due to shoddy workmanship (no city code inspectors like in the US), they walked off the job mid July, nothing can be changed on site until an Avocat shows up Sept 14th and then, it could take a year to be resolved and in the meantime they have to rent and can change nothing in the house! Their house is worth less today than it was when purchased. So, maybe you will understand the reluctance of the owners to let you in. Can you change notaires?? When we inquired about storage in France is was going to cost more (just as you had stated) and an extra E850 to move from ship to warehouse and out again. We don’t know what awaits us and it is probably a good thing!
    Best of luck!
    ps hope June is over her cold.

    • September 10, 2011 14:26

      Hi Jo,

      Yes, June is better thanks. Your story is interesting and a good lesson in NOT employing non-local contractors; suing them is a problem. All our modifications would add value to the property so even if we backed out the owners would be better off.

      Enjoying your blog BTW

  2. dorothy murray permalink
    September 10, 2011 14:51

    oh no. Its all ahead of us!! I hope that you will be settled there before christmas. Maybe a nice trip is in order to get your heads clear of the mess.


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