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Computers :(

July 8, 2011

It’s been a long absence caused by numerous computer issues. We finally got the phone line, ADSL etc on June 16th then my computer crashed and corrupted the operating system. This meant getting new disks as I didn’t pack the originals – they are in a container in California. Dell USA was completely useless, transferred me numerous times to different departments (at vast expense) and then flat out refused to ship a replacement disk to France. They gave me a number in France which they assured me was 24/7 customer service – it wasn’t so I had to wait until Monday to call. Dell France was great, sent the disks UPS next dayand followed up a day later to make sure I got it and all was OK. Dell USA needs to learn a lesson.

Now I got the Oprating system going and just started on the catch-up when it crashed again, this time terminally. Took it to the local experts who installed a new hard drive and re-installed all my stuff. However, they did not have the disks for Microsoft Office – English version so now I’m using the French version which has some challenges. It took almost two weeks to fix and I got it back two days ago. I’ve spent the intervening time in resetting all my preferences, links etc.

Moral of this story – make sure you have FULL back-ups of everything and all your original sofware installation disks in your possession – don’t ship them.

OK, more news on France and house hunting soon



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