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Journey’s End

November 23, 2016


This blog has been a bit sparse recently in both frequency and content. This is entirely because I have been somewhat pre-occupied in caring for June. Sadly her battle with cancer and Alzheimer’s ended on October 18th 2016.

I have deliberately not mentioned much of this over the past months, you may have gathered from the odd reference to hospital visits etc that all was not well but June was very private and did not want her illnesses openly discussed. However, it might help now if I filled in some of the blanks.

We realised that with the early signs of Alzheimer’s, June could not adapt to new surroundings easily and learning French was therefore completely out of the question; that is why we had to beat a hasty retreat. Her cancer was diagnosed soon after we arrived in Wales and was the real reason why we got an extension on the rented bungalow as she had to have surgery and radiation treatment. When we finally arrived in Norfolk the CT scans were OK for a while but early this year they started to show signs of deterioration and a course of chemotherapy was started. It proved ineffective and was stopped in early September. There followed a period of decline and escalating need for in-home care and she passed away at home on October 18th.

We held a simple non-faith cremation service and get together yesterday Nov 22nd and bid her a final farewell.

Her passing has changed my life completely, I am now adapting to living alone for the first time in my life and it is presenting a few challenges. This blog is now ended, I may start another sometime as I have found it a useful way to record memories and share experiences.

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